Family Photos 2015

We have an annual tradition of getting our family photos taken. It started in August of 2011, after Kyah was born, when I knew our family was complete.

Family Photos 2015

Since then we have gotten profession photos taken each year. I love doing this because it so nice to see how our family grows and changes each year. It captures those smiles, expressions and candid moments in a way that I just can’t. 

This year, Patrick from Little Black Umbrella Photography took our photos. It was such a great experience, from the beginning where we booked the shoot, to the actual photo shoot and even the follow up photo viewing session. 

Patrick chose a wonderful location on a beautiful October day. When we go there, he immediately made the kids feel at ease and they were happy to follow his direction. We didn’t even need to bribe them with candy.

Patrick already knew what photos we really wanted so he was prepared and he was able to get all the shots we wanted. 

There were so many amazing photos that it was hard to pick just a few to share with you! 





Black Umbrella Photography - siblings photo

I even used Pic Monkey to get some great school pictures for the kids since the ones we got from school didn’t turn out so great.

Keyan Grade 1 photo

Kyah preschool 2015 photo

Once Patrick had all the photos ready, he had me come in for a one-hour photo viewing session. He prepared a slide show with music so I could see all the photos on the big screen. He showed me different samples of the options we had in printing, framing and displaying the pictures. 

Something Patrick said really hit home with me. He said that family’s get their photos taken and then they never do anything with them. They just sit on a disc or a hard drive. I loved how passionate he is about photography and helping families showcase their pictures. 

He even provided me with a gallery to show case all our family photos.

For those of you who love Little Black Umbrella’s Photography as much as I do, you’re in luck! He is offering a discounted rate to all of The Write Balance readers.

Little Black Umbrella photography discount

Just click on this link to grab this amazing deal! It’s perfect for your next family photos, to capture the holidays with all your family that is in town or even to give someone as a gift. 

As you can see from all the photos above, you won’t be disappointed!

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