Family Photos 2016

Every Fall we take family photos. We started the tradition five years ago. It’s so wonderful to see how our family grows and changes each year.

This year when we took a family reunion vacation to Mexico, we decided to take photos on the beach. The pictures were so lovely that we decided that they would totally work as the Family Photos of 2016.

family photos 2016 - 1

Family photos 2016 - 2

Family Photos 3

Even though we take these photos every year and we look at them on our computers and we print 4×6 copies to give our family, rarely do we get large prints or canvases to display on our walls.

It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, especially since reading many times about how displaying family photographs around the house can have an important and positive impact on your children’s sense of belonging as well as on their self-esteem.

So this time around I knew I had to actually print and hang our family photos for all to see. I came across Best Canvas a company that not only makes high quality canvas, they do it for a very affordable price, a win-win situation for me, being the thrifty girl that I am.

It was really quite simple. I visited the Best Canvas website, uploaded the images I wanted to have as canvases for the home, picked the sizes (there were so many to choose from) then paid, all from the comfort of home. And the delivery was so quick!

Family Photos 2016 - best canvas
The kids were so excited to  see the pictures that we had just taken on our recent vacation, ready to hang on the walls. And I actually let them pick where they wanted to hang one of the family photos. They decided on the hallway outside their rooms so they could see them whenever they walked in and out of their rooms.

Family Photos - on the wall

I loved how easy it was to order these ready-to-hang  canvas prints  and I’m going to make sure to do that each year after our annual family photos.

Do you take family photos each year, whether formal or informal? If you do, do you make sure to print large copies or canvases to display around the home?

*Thanks to Best Canvas for providing these lovely photos on canvas for us to display around our family home. 

14 thoughts on “Family Photos 2016

  1. This is great. We are in the process of selecting family photos to transfer onto canvas and order some prints for our home. You saved me the research time, I’ll order from Best Canvas. For enlarged, coloured prints, where do you like to go? Thanks!

  2. We started with engagement photos in 2013 and have been ordering canvases since. I feel the “make a home”.

    We currently have 5 hung between the dining room and our “family wall” – which also includes many framed photos on photo ledges.

    New company to check out. Looks gorgeous to me! Can’t wait to order our first ones.

  3. LOVE the photos! And really excited to see a Canadian canvas company. I have a bunch of photos I’ve been meaning to put on canvas but wasn’t sure what company to go with. Looking into them now!

  4. Great photos!
    I’m so far behind in mine-I’ve only just finished a photo album last week, and I’m still a year behind, and I haven’t printed a proper photo in over 2 years. I hope to get something together within the next week. Seeing you get organised is inspiring!

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