Favorite Back-to-School Fashion Finds

There I go, shopping again! Of course this is necessary back-to-school shopping for stuff the kids need and that they’ve outgrown over the year. But I still like to be thrifty and find the best deals.

I came across some really great clothing for the kids that is fun, practical and at a good price point. Since this is the last shopping weekend before school starts, I thought I’d share some of my finds.

Back to school fashion finds 2 - 2016

1. Hoodie
A good hoodie is a must-have for the fall. I really like this one from Carter’s. It looks warm, comes in a few different colors and is a great price point!

2. Leggings & Sweater
For my daughter, leggings make up a big part of her wardrobe. She finds them to be the most comfortable kind of pants to wear and I wouldn’t disagree. The cat sweater is super cute and comes with the pink polka dot leggings at Carter’s.

3. T-shirts
Super hero’s are a favorite in our house as I’m sure they are in many. We loved this tee with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from H&M.

4 & 5. Toques
Fall is just around the corner and there is no denying that the kids will soon need toques to keep their heads warm. At least get them some cool and cute ones, like the ones I found at The Children’s Place.

6. Inside Shoes
My daughter will be needing some inside shoes as she starts kindergarten and I love these shimmering gold ones from H&M!

7. Kicks
Good shoes for running around the playground are also a must. These ones from Payless  look great and are also sturdy and easy for the kids to take on and off themselves.

8. Another hoodie
More than one hoodie can come in handy and I really like this camo fleece one from Carter’s that would work well paired with jeans, jogging pants and leggings.

9. Jeans
And of course it wouldn’t be back to school shopping without jeans. I love these for the little guys and these for the girls.

Those are some of my Favorite Back-to-School Fashion Finds. What’s on your back-to-school shopping list?

*This is not a sponsored post. I just like to share fun fashions and good deals 🙂

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