Finding My Bliss at #BlissdomCA

This was the year of blogging conferences for me. Earlier in the summer, I attended an American conference, Blogher, in San Jose. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I attended Blissdom, a Canadian conference that brings together bloggers and social media. They were two very different experiences and I’m glad I got to go to both.


Blissdom had some great sessions that I learned a lot from such as advanced media training, Being the CEO of your blog, Building the Biz and more. There were also some great parties like TBT party sponsored by Kahlua, (and they partnered with another sponsor, Tim Hortons to make a Kahlua Coffee drink!) There was also a fabulous carnival themed party sponsored by Canadian Lentils and I sampled a lot of good eats that were all made from lentils, who knew! And on the final night, a pyjama party! I’m also grateful to Chevrolet Canada for not only giving us rides to and from Pearson Airport and Mississauga, but also have charging stations to save our phones from the brink of dying.

Aside from everything I learned, what I am holding the closest to my heart is the inspiration I got. Blissdom made me realize that I have to value myself and what I do. It also made me think about and look at others circumstances and how I need to be grateful and giveback. It gave me the courage and strength to realize that I can do pretty much anything I want!

Blissdom was full of a lot of great experiences, friends and moments so I wanted to share some of them with you.

1. I arrived a little early in Toronto and got the opportunity to meet up with some good friends and family that I don’t get to see often enough.

bliss friends & family

2. I got finally hang out with Carolyn, a friend and fellow mom blogger who you can find at Moments in Mommyland. Even though we live in the same city and chat all the time online, we finally got to talk IRL. We also had a lot of fun dressing up at the Tim Hortons Lounge and trying on amazing, super expensive dresses from Rent Frock Repeat. I also got to hang out with some awesome roomies, Crystal from Sew Creative Blog and Karen from She’s Gone Digital.

bliss carolyn collage

3. I got to meet Cheryl Hickey from Entertainment tonight Canada. She was really great and I’m really excited that she agreed to be interviewed for my In The Spotlight series. I also had a chance to meet Erica Ehm from the Yummy Mummy Club who was also so really amazing and I love what’s she done for women and mom bloggers!

with Cheryl Hickey
4. I attended my first Power Hour, where I laughed, I cried and felt at one with all the other bloggers in that room. It was an hour I will never forget. Most poingnet in my mind is listening to  Jennifer White speak of tragedy that had all the parents in the room in tears as she spoke and it amazed me how she has turned this tragedy in her life into something beautiful.

5. I played a life-sized game of Connect 4 (and lost three times in a row to this pretty cool blogger)

huge connect 4

6. I found out about i am just one, an amazing project that supports African women who are HIV positive & often living in extreme poverty and they earn a living by making jewelry. It is really #worldchangingfashion. I had to buy a pair of beautiful earrings.  Here’s how you can support them too.

i am just one

7. And last but definitely not least, I met some amazing people and made friends with people I probably would have never had the chance to meet IRL if it wasn’t for Blissdom.

new friends collage

Blissdom Canada was an experience I will always remember and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend.


17 thoughts on “Finding My Bliss at #BlissdomCA

  1. We’ve been to Blissdom before, but didn’t realize they had a Canada-only version! Looks like you had a great time meeting the other bloggers!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. I love going to these types of things and meeting people, especially those you know online but not in real life. I love that you laughed and cried. That means a lot. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Conferences are always inspiring for me. I enjoy meeting people I have know via the computer in person and meeting new people. Continue to believe in what you are doing and know it does matter. God has a purpose for you and an audience waiting to hear from you.

  4. Happy for you that you get to experience this Salma! You came out more inspired, energized and ready to embrace your blog in a different but better way.

    Wish I could attend a conference similar to this in the future. I’m going to consider attending one or two next year.

  5. Kalhua?? Did someone mention Kalhua??

    Sounds like a fun time and when we work solo it’s a great reminder that we need to connect IRL as well as recharge the juice and fire us up for the next phase of our business.

  6. Hi Salma,
    It looks like you has an awesome time and how great that you can interact with so many online bloggers and get inspiration. I have not heard of Blissdom, but am familiar with BlogHer. I love how you say you realized you need to value yourself and what you do. I know what you’re saying because there are so many times I too am working alone on my sites and it isn’t until you get with “like-minded” people that you start to realize all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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