First Day of School Photos

Tuesday September 6 was officially the first day back to school here.

First day of school 2016 - feature

However, for my son, who starts grade 2, we just went into the gym to confirm his registration and pick up his school supplies. For the rest of the week he will be in his grade 1 class with his grade 1 teacher and next week we will find out who is new teacher and classmates are.

For my daughter who starts kindergarten, we went into the gym to confirm her enrolment as well, found out who her teacher would be and for the rest of the week there is no school. On Monday she will start gradual entry into her class.

So even though they technically didn’t have any school, I still wanted to mark the day and do our annual first day of school photos. We had some fun with them even though it did make us a tad late in the morning and I had to bribe them each with a jumbo marshmallow to do the photos.

But it was well worth it and the pictures turned out great, a good memory to have!

Keyan first day of school 2016 - 1

Kyah 1st day of school 2016 - 1

Keyan 1st day of school - 2

Kyah 1st day kindergarten 2016

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