Frugal Finds – The Infinity Scarf

I found another great deal and I had to share it with you!

I love the look of infinity scarves. Whether it’s just to dress up your jeans and t-shirt or your leggings and tunic, the scarf can really take your outfit to another level.

They not only look great, they are practical too. Put your scarf on with your favorite jacket to keep you warm and looking cute in the winter.

Even though the infinity scarves look great, they can be quite expensive, ranging from $20-$50. Well, I found an awesome deal at Fairweather! All their infinity scarves are only $10. Every color, every pattern and every style! So how could I pass up such a great deal? I couldn’t. I bought two scarves, each in a different style and color.

I bought this grey scarf because it is a neutral color that can go with any shirt or jacket. And the red one was just too pretty to pass up.

Infinity Scarf Worn Two Way

The infinity scarf-perfect accessory

If you like the infinity scarf but you’re not really sure how to wear it, I’ve made a video blog to show you three simple ways to wear the scarf:

You don’t have to wear the scarf just three ways ways. Here’s how you can wear the Infinity Scarf 10 Different Ways.

The scarf can also make a great present for someone, after all, tis the season!

I hope I’ve helped you with your thrifty shopping endeavours. I mean as mom’s we can still look great on a budget right?

10 thoughts on “Frugal Finds – The Infinity Scarf

  1. Nice! I’ve never gotten the hang of how to put those on or to wear them with what looks like style, but I love the way they look on other people.

    Kathi, from the Lifestyle Blog Buddies group

  2. Over the past few years it’s like my neck got crazy sensitive to weather so I rock a scarf every day. A few years ago my friend looked at an infinity scarf, declared “I can make those! “and gave me a grey & coral striped one. I guarantee if I ever lost it I would sob.
    Thanks for the bargain hunting heads up – I hate shopping so I can live vicariously through you! 🙂

  3. Yay! Perfect timing on this post. I’ve been drooling over these scarves but since I’m on mat leave couldn’t really justify buying one. But for 10 bucks, it’s on! Another great tip! Thanks!

  4. Thank you for sharing this video tutorial. Wearing a scarf in different ways is great, because even you have only had one scarf, you can use it every day in a different style.

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