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Since I am away this week, I asked a fellow blogger, who is an expert on Healthy Food Games for Kids, if she could write a post on her favorite apps for kids. And she was more than happy to fill in.

Hi all, Anna here. I’m thrilled to be guest posting this week on The Write Balance, with the wonderful Salma. I blog at Blog Fitfunner, mostly about children’s health, and especially about kids’ health habits, like making healthy eating choices, and getting sufficient exercise. I’ve found that there are a number of great games that can help with this, and many of them are free. What’s awesome about health games is that kids are usually enthusiastic about playing them. You just need to know where to look to find them and pick one that is right for your child.Health games featureTo make it “easy peasy lemon squeezy” for you, I’ve reviewed a bunch of them, and I’m sharing summaries of five of the best – and free! – health games for kids that I’ve found. In no particular order, here they are!

1. Chef Solus Cooking Academy
Chef Solus Cooking Academy is free, browser-based cooking simulation game for kids 3-10. Players get a recipe to make and have to add the right ingredients in the proper order. There are lots of opportunities for interaction between parents and children, which encourages learning and discussion about food and food preparation. The link above will take you to the complete review.

Chef Solus Cooking Academy Screen Shot

2. Awesome Eats
Awesome Eats is a free food-sorting game targeted to kids 4-10 years olds available on Android and Windows mobile. It is produced by a charitable foundation associated with Whole Foods Markets and it’s a great mixture of engaging game play, and education about healthy eating. You can get a more detailed review by clicking the link above.

Awesome Eats Screen Shot

3. Healthy Heroes 2
Healthy Heroes 2 is a mobile game for kids 6-8 where they play a character trying to save the monster world from bad eating habits. The game is based on a freemium model: the initial download is free, but you’ll need to pay to download the full game. Healthy Heroes 2 is available for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store, and for Android from Google Play. Click on the link above to get the complete review.

Healthy heroes 2 SS 6

4. Tiny Tastes
Tiny Tastes is actually a very interesting game for kids 18 months to 5 years old with eating difficulties (picky eaters, eating disorders, etc.) Kids learn to eat new foods, and are rewarded with on-screen activities. Tiny Tastes is free-to-play, and available for iOS and Android devices. The link above takes you to a more detailed review.

Tiny Tastes SS 6

5. Space Games
This is actually a “two-fer”: I found a couple of free, browser-based, space-themed healthy eating games, and reviewed them at the same time that Philae — the little “space probe that could” — landed on a comet. It was quite the thing in the news at the time, and made me think that younger kids love outer space, and games. So what could be better than outer space games about healthy eating? Check out the review for links to the games, and a more detailed review.

Anna Fitfunner is a Mom Blogger and the in-house social media maven and digital marketing specialist for Fitfunner. Fitfunner is the first-of-its-kind free game for parents to help their kids eat better and get more exercise. Off of the interwebs, Anna is a wife and mother of two awesome boys, one on the autism spectrum and the other of whom is twice exceptional.

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11 thoughts on “Fun and Free Healthy Food Games for Kids

  1. This is a wonderful post. All the games sound fun and interesting and would be great to keep the kids busy in the holiday season. I might end up playing one or two of these 😉

  2. Hi Salma: thanks again for having me here as a guest poster. It’s great to be able to post here, as I’ve enjoyed your writing and blog for quite some time now. Looking forward to your return!

  3. Thanks so much for the info on these games, they’d be great for adults to take a look at too. We take a lesson from what we try to teach our kids. LOL

  4. I don’t have any kids, but many of my friends do… and anytime I have to buy their kids gifts I’m always looking for educational items. These games look like a lot of fun and go arsenal for parents to keep their kids busy. Thanks for sharing!

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