Fun Things to Do With Your Kids For Halloween

Growing up, we never did a lot for Halloween. Pretty much the only things we did do was dress up and go trick-or-treating which was fine with me, because I thought it was the best part. I guess that was the norm until I had kids of my own who were suddenly asking to bake Halloween goodies and decorate the house. My first instinct was to say no but then I thought, “why not?” It’s a fun time of the year and the kids are excited, so why not really get into it.

Here are 5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids For Halloween

1. Decorate Your House in a Halloween Theme
If your kids are really excited about it, put up some fun Halloween decor. It’s a nice way to spend time together, make a new tradition and some awesome memories. Decorations are really inexpensive if you hit the dollar store. Or wait until Halloween is over and then stock up when all the stores deeply discount their seasonal items. Think of it as an investment in a family activity. Then every year when Halloween is over, you can pack them up in a specially labelled box and use the same ones next year!

2. Get Crafty With the Kids
Halloween is a great time for kids to use their imagination and their hands. Try some fun and simple crafts like a bejewelled spider or baby ghost tea lights. Or if your kids love mysteries, try making your own invisible ink. It’s science and fun, all in one!

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3. Read Halloween Books
Head to the library or local bookstore and stock up on Halloween books. There are so many great themed books out there for all ages ranging from mysterious and spooky stories to fun books about trick-or-treating and dressing up. Two of our favourites are:

Halloween collage

4. Watch Halloween Shows and Movies
Of course Halloween isn’t complete with some spooky and mysterious TV. For younger kids, scary is not usually an option, so Netflix Canada has a great list of shows that your little ones can enjoy in the spirit of Halloween and well as some Halloween movies!

netflix Halloween Collage
Photo Courtesy: Netflix Canada

5. Do Some Themed Baking
Another fun thing to together with the kids is Halloween baking. It’s a great way to get the kids helping in the kitchen with a spooky treat they can share with their class or put into their lunch box for a treat. Check out these 29 Halloween Spooktacular Recipes for kids.

6. Carve A Pumpkin
Start an annual pumpkin carving tradition with your kids. Head to the pumping patch to pick out a couple of pumpkins, then come home, make some hot chocolate and get carving.  It’s another great way to spend family time together and get the creative juices flowing. When you’re done, try out this super easy recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, a healthy and delicious snack.

pumpkin carving 2013 1

Those are some of the things we like to do around here to celebrate Halloween. What does your family like to do?

I am a member of the the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a Netflix membership to help facilitate my posts. As always, all the opinions in this post are 100% my own. 


14 thoughts on “Fun Things to Do With Your Kids For Halloween

  1. We like to carve pumpkins. Just like your family, we’ve developed an annual tradition of going out to a pumpkin patch, with the hay rides and fun mazes. Then a few days before Halloween we all get together in the kitchen and carve up our pumpkins with fun faces!

  2. I love decorating and I love baking! And both of these are so easy to do with the kids 🙂 I love buying holiday-themed coloring books. Kids love coloring and I love that it’s a calm activity for them to do! lol Plus it’s a great way to teach them about the history behind each holiday.

  3. I’m so passing this on to my family who bother with Halloween it’s becoming more popular over here but mostly with the younger generation. Not something we grew up with or understand at all!

  4. Awesome post and great tips on fun things to do with your kids for Halloween. We do most but never thought about getting crafty. Going to need to add that to our Halloween tradition.. Thanks for sharing..

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