Granville Island Family Fun

With the beautiful sunny weather and the hubby being home a couple of days during the week, we decided to take advantage and made a trip down to Granville Island. I call it a trip because after living in a smaller town like Winnipeg, anything more than a 20 minute drive now seems like a trip!

We left in the morning and arrived at around 10:30am. There was still a lot of parking available. I was also surprised to find that some area’s at Granville Island still have free parking which is great!

Once we parked we went in search of our first destination, BeadWorks. I had promised the kids they could make necklaces and Granville Island is now the only location for BeadWorks.

They were super excited! I made sure to limit them to beads that ranged in price from .10 cents – .30 cents otherwise we would have had some extremely expensive pieces of jewelry on our hands! I did let Keyan choose a $1.95 glass fish for the centre of his necklace.

Once they picked the beads they wanted, the ladies at BeadWorks set us up on a table with the equipement we needed. Not only did the kids really enjoy making their own jewelry, it was an exercise in hand-eye cordination for them both.

After the kid’s strung all their beads, the nice ladies, put on the clasps and what ever else was neccary to keep the necklace’s together for the kids. And I think we ended up with two very beautiful pieces.

After that we headed to the market to pick up some fruit and then eat lunch. It was so lively and the kids enjoyed looking at everything that was happening while we ate, including the buskers playing music.

Then we let them each pick a treat and we sat outside at the docks to enjoy the goodies and look at the water, boats and birds.

And I have to mention that the hazelnut croissant with nutella filling was amazing!!
If you’re looking for something fun for the whole family, this is a winner.

Where is your favorite place to go as a family in your city?

*I was not compensated to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own

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