Greek Quinoa Salad

Ever since the first time I tried a quinoa dish at a friends house, I loved it, even before I knew it was really healthy. When I researched some recipes, I felt daunted at the thought of cooking it myself because it didn’t seem easy. So it was many years before I actually attempted making quinoa on my own. But once I got the hang of it, I’ve become a quinoa making machine. Now I have an arsenal of go-to recipes that I love and I’m going to share one of my favorites with you, Greek Quinoa Salad. This recipe is simple and quick. You’re done and ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

Greek Quinoa ingredients

1.5 cups of uncooked quinoa

3 cups of low sodium chicken broth (you can use water if you prefer)
½ an English cucumber, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped (I only had an orange pepper on hand today)
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp minced garlic
1 Tbsp olive oil
4 Tbsp of Balsamic Vinaigrette
¾ – 1 cup  of chopped feta cheese

1. In a pot, add your quinoa and chicken broth (or water or a mix of both.) Bring it to a boil and then simmer it on low for 20 minutes.
2. In the meantime, chop your cucumber and peppers. Place them all in a bowl.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and gently mix until it everything is combined.

Greek Quinoa mixed ingredients

4. By this time the quinoa should be cooked, so add the warm quinoa into the bowl and mix.

You can either eat it warm or put it in the fridge to cool down and eat later. If you want to make this a meal, instead of just a side dish, add some cooked chicken and you’re good to go! Leftover are even great for lunch the next day.

finished greek quinioa salad

What’s your favorite quinoa dish?


13 thoughts on “Greek Quinoa Salad

  1. I am so intimidated by quinoa. I received a huge bag from my mom and I only used it as a substitute for rice (which is not a lot of fun). This looks SO good. Will definitely try. And the BEST part is I already have all these ingredients on hand. YEA!! Thanks for sharing!!

      1. This recipe was a huge HIT at Thanksgiving! People who tried this said it reminded them of Couscous. I’ve never tried couscous; however, they LOVED this recipe! Thanks for sharing. They asked where I got the recipe and I had to mention your blog. Now I’ve go to make more for myself now. 🙂

  2. I love quinoa salad. I just made it the other day. I made it along side chicken. I like that you can eat it with anything. Great recipe.


  3. Great Recipe! I made the lemon garlicky chicken and quinoa salad on Wednesday this week, it were a huge hit. I made the salad again last night for friends, everyone loved it, including the two two years olds at the table. : )

    (I also added some diced grape tomatoes and red onions to stick with the greek salad theme) – I love easy/healthy recipes like this. Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad that everyone liked it Andrea!! Great idea for adding grape tomatoes and red onions, I’ll have to try it out.

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