Helping Kids Deal With Real-Life Issues With Netlix

As parents, we deal with talking to our kids on a daily basis about a lot of different issues from the regular sibling rivalry and following the rules to bigger issues like peer pressure and self-love.

I never thought about how television shows can actually help address these and lots of other real life issues. Being a part of the Netflix Stream Team, they sent over a list of shows that the kids can watch and hopefully learn from. Most importantly, we can use that as a launching pad to kickstart a conversation about an important topic, especially if we watch the show with them.

1. Sibling Rivalry 
In The Hive, S1E1, The Babee’s Room, siblings Buzzabee and Rubee compete over who their new sibling Babee gets to room with.

The Hive

2. Following the Rules
In Puffin Rock S1E6, Mama tells Oona and Baba to stay close with a storm approaching. But they ignore her advice and get in trouble.

Puffin Rock

3. Responsibility
In the show VeggieTales, S1E1, Larry and Laura Carrot want to adopt puppies, but they quickly realize that it requires a lot of responsibility to take care of their own pet!

Veggie Tales

4. Peer Pressure
In S1E6 on Fuller House, Jackson realizes he needs to stand up for what he knows is right and not give in to his friend.

Fuller House
5. Self-Love
And finally, in Puss in Boots S1E13, After Dulcinea feels like no one in the group needs her help, she tries to use a newly-discovered wishing star to show her worth.

Puss in Boots

I am a member of the the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a Netflix membership to help facilitate my posts. As always, all the opinions in this post are 100% my own. 

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