DIY Homemade gift bags

The holiday season is a lot of fun, with decorations, happy people, delicious baking and of course Christmas crafts. This year we actually did some baking to give to my husbands colleague’s. The things was I didn’t know how to pack the goodies to sent them. I wanted something festive, but not to expensive. So I decided to make it into a craft that I could do with the kids and we made Homemade Gift Bags

It’s a very simple project that even my three-year old was able to help out while having fun. It requires only a fews supplies the you may already have if you like crafting or that you can pick up at the dollar store.

Supplies for Homemade Gift Bags:

Brown paper bags
Stamps (we used festive ones I found at the dollar store
Hole punch
Paint (we used red, green, blue & yellow)
Thin ribbon (I used red and gold)
Holiday stickers (optional)

Instructions for Homemade Gift Bags

Use your finger (or a small paint brush) and spread a thin layer of paint onto the stamp. If you dip the stamp into the paint, the stamps don’t turn out properly.
Stamp all over one side of the bag.
Let the paint dry. Fill your bag with gift or baked goods. Then fold the bag over onto the unstamped side. Punch a hole through the middle.
Take two long pieces of ribbon and slide through the hole. Tie it on top as a bow. Then if you want, take the ends of the ribbon and curl them with scissors.

As a finishing touch, add some fun holiday stickers.
And that’s it! Simple but fun to do, especially the stamping part with the kids.
You can even do this for bigger gift bags if you want to personalize the gifts you’re giving or if you just want a fun craft to do with the kids!

Do you have some homemade gift wrapping you do? I’d love hear new ideas. And if you try out this idea, I’d love to know how it turns out.

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