Homemade Snow Globe Craft

My kids love doing crafts. In the summer, we would always keep one day of the week to make a craft or DIY. But once fall came and school started, it has been really hard to do crafts regularly.

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So last week the kids and I picked a day and I promised them we would do something crafty. They both loved the idea of a snow globe so I went out and bought everything we would need to make it. Now I have to tell you that we did a little bit of a hit and miss, so we actually made them twice. 

That’s good for you because we figured out what NOT to do, so you can make it right the first time, right?

DIY Homemade Snow Globe Craft


Homemade snow globe supplies  – mason jar 
– glitter
– toy figure (we picked from the many we already had a home)
– glue (water proof glue or a really good quality glue gun)
– glycerin (optional)

1. Get your mason jar. You want to make sure it is one that has a secure lid. Test it out before hand by filling it with water. Put the lid on and shake it around. If no water spills out, you are good to go.

2. Take the lid of your mason jar and put it upside down on a flat surface. Add your glue to the bottom of the figure then attach it firmly to the inside of the lid. Hold it down for a few minutes to ensure it is secure. To be double sure, I would actually glue it the morning or night before doing the craft to ensure it is glued on well. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a case of the floating figure snow globe. Trust me, I know from experience. 

Homemade Snow globes - glueing on the figure

3. Take your open mason jar, sprinkle in some glitter. Fill the jar hallway with water. Add some more glitter. In one globe we used blue and white glitter. In the other we used blue, white and red. Really, it’s whatever you like or have on hand. 

Homemade Snow Globes - Glitter

4. At this point, add a couple squeezes of glycerin if you are using it. (This is supposed to help slow down the glitter when you shake it in the snow globe, but it is not absolutely necessary.)

5. Then fill the water again all the way to the top. Don’t leave any space otherwise your snow globe will have air bubbles. 

6. Now this is where it might get a little messy, so be prepared if you don’t like a mess. Grab some towels or go to the sink. Take the mason jar lid with the securely fastened figure and slowly put the lid on the jar. (This is when some water and glitter will spill over, so be ready for the mess.) Then a grown up should close and tightly secure the lid. Wipe down the snow globe and then shake.

Homemade Snow Globe - shaking it

It really is super simple to make. Just make sure you follow the directions of getting a good glue to have the figure secure. And a good leak proof mason jar is essential too.

Homemade Snow Globes Close up

Then let your kids shake away an enjoy. They are really quite pretty to watch. Have fun creating!

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  1. Always fun to do crafts with your children. This brings back some memories. When those days are over, you will have some lovely remembrances.

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