10 Ways to be a ‘Greener’ mom

As an adult, pre-motherhood, I always thought I was doing my part for helping the environment. However, after having kids, I became even more aware of the world around us, the world my kids were going to grow up in and become contributing citizens in. Kids see and learn from everything we do. So I started wondering, was I doing enough? How could I be a greener mom and reduce our family’s carbon footprint? 

10 Tips for Being a Greener Mom

1. Limit the use of paper towels. Use rags to clean up spills and wipe things down. At the dinner table use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. 

2. Research what is recyclable. You can recycle a lot more than you realize! Here are 9 things you might now have known you can recycle.

3. Unplug. Pulling out appliance plugs when they’re not in use, turning off lights when you’re not in the room and using energy efficient light bulbs can play a big role in reducing your carbon footprint. 

4. Think about your water usage. Not running the tap while you brush your teeth and wash the dishes as well as doing your laundry in cold water are big energy savers. Even hanging your laundry to dry is a great option.

5. Pay your bills online to  reduce the amount of paper mail you get.

6. Plastic water bottles have been piling up in landfills for years. Make a difference by buying your own reusable water bottles and take it with you. If you like your water cold, buy an insulated one to keep your water cold all day.  

7. Compost. Many communities have compost included in their garbage and recycling pick up. But if you don’t, make your own compost at home. It will really help in reducing the amount of garbage that goes to the landfill from your house and I bet the kids will love it! It’s also easier than you think.

8. Shop local. Take your family and head to the farmers market. Support your local famers and eat food that is in season.

9. Instead of plastic or ziplock bags, use small reusable cloth bags or small containers. They will reduce that amount of garbage, especially if you use them daily in your kids’ lunches.

10. Buy reusable shopping bags and keep them in the car. It’s easy to have a bunch of reusable shopping bags but if they are at home and in the closet, it doesn’t do you much  good. Keep a bunch in the trunk so they are always handy.

What are some things you do on a daily basis to be a Greener Mom and to reduce your family’s carbon footprint?

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