I Need a Break!

Yes, I  said it (or actually wrote it) out loud. I need a break.

I don’t say this or realize this often enough and then everything hits me at once. I’ve been feeling this for a couple of days. I’m exhausted, the kids behaviour seems too difficult to handle, I’m less patient, I yell and then I try and make myself feel better after they go to sleep with junk food. (I’m actually eating potato chips as I write.) To make it just a little harder, my husband is out of town for the next few days and I’m fending for myself.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like this and this isn’t anything new, but sometimes we still forget to take care of ourselves. I think as moms, we all try and do too much without asking for ENOUGH help. On a regular day I could handle this because this is what I do on a daily basis. But then it happens when all of sudden you can’t be super mom and take care of the kids, take care of the the house, take care of the meals, take care of work and take care of yourself. It’s too much! That’s when you need a break.

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And that’s exactly what I’m doing tomorrow. I will be dropping the kids off with my mother-in-law, after swimming lessons and school supply shopping, at exactly 1:30pm. Then at 2:00pm I have an appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Did you know that it’s been 13 months since I’ve had a pedicure!! That is way too long. And I can’t even remember my last haircut.

Then I will probably pick up some dinner, head home, maybe watch a movie on Netflix while folding the clean laundry that’s been piling up. Hopefully I’ll finish up the book I’ve been reading for my first book club. I’ll probably fit in a little writing & blogging too, but that’s something I love doing.

When it’s bedtime, I’ll enjoy not having to give anyone a bath, brush anyone’s teeth other than my own and I’ll be able to sleep through the night without anyone waking me up for any reason. Sounds pretty good for one night.

Oh and I’m not going to feel guilty about any of it.

And hopefully the following afternoon when I pick them up, I’ll be rejuvenated and ready to be the mom that they’re used to.

As a parent, how often do you experience this? And how do you deal with it?

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  1. I know it is really bad when I don’t even know what to do with my time away from my kids because I have so little of it!

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