In The Spotlight – BT Host Jody Vance

In The Spotlight-Jody VanceJody Vance lights up the television screen early each morning on Breakfast Television in Vancouver. She has been a Canadian broadcaster for many years, starting her career in radio before branching out to television.

She eventually moved to Toronto and in September 2000, she was the first woman in the history of Canadian television to host her own sports show in prime time.

Now, as the co-host and news anchor of Breakfast Television, she manages to keep us all entertained and informed each morning while still being a hands-on mom to her six-year old son Brady.

I had the opportunity to ask Jody how she finds ‘the right balance.”


Jody Vance with The Right Honourable Joe Clark
Jody Vance with The Right Honourable Joe Clark

Being the co-host of Breakfast Television and a mom among many roles, how do you keep a balance in your life?

The only way to survive the early morning hours is to have structure to my day-to-day life, otherwise there will be no energy to be with my son in the afternoon and evening.  Sleep is very important, exercise is also very key – I don’t have time to go to yoga or the gym, I have dogs who get walked for an hour a day.  Work, walk, nap, pick up son from school, play, eat, tub/storytime/bedtime for boy then it’s MY bed time shortly after.  The key to my sanity is the support system I have.  Family, my wonderful Nanny, friends…they all help when I get too tired to juggle it all.

How does having to be at work so early affect you as well as your family life?

Having to leave for work before anyone is even THINKING of being awake means I need support in terms of getting my boy up, fed and ready for school.  It’s tough to leave with your child still snoozing as mornings are so fun with little ones.  Early morning hours are difficult on family life as there is no “wiggle room” on bedtime, one must be strict.

Being a host on a popular morning show puts you in the spotlight. How does being in the spotlight impact you and your family?

Fans of Breakfast Television are very sweet to me, us, so it’s not a negative at all.  When my son was 4 he had a complete meltdown at Superstore when I wouldn’t buy him a Spiderman toy…….that was a day I didn’t want to be a “celebrity” – but we just have to go with that sort of stuff.  I looked around and said, “yup, I’m HER” and smiled.

If you ever mange to get ‘me’ time, what do you do?

Sleep.  Cook.  Sit quietly and relax.  Spend time with my man, Brian.

How did becoming a mother change your life?

Brady is my joy. He makes me want to be a better person, he exhausts me, challenges me and fulfills every dream I’ve had with his smile.  It sounds cliché, but being HIS mom is what I’m on this planet to do.  I struggled with fertility issues, miscarriages and such, my boy is an IVF baby…so a miracle for me.

Jody Vance Collage

What kinds of things do you do together as a family?

We spend a ton of time in the kitchen, Brady loves to cook and Brian is a chef. We play at the park — star wars, super heroes – soccer.  You name it.  We also love to walk in Pacific Spirit Park with the dogs. (Baxter and Fenway)

Jody Vance with her dogs

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

When I’m tired and he challenges me.  I pride myself on being even keeled with Brady and when he struggles to get to sleep I get panicked about my sleep schedule.  That’s the toughest part.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

Seeing him grow with a big fat grin on his face.  The moments where he, out of the blue, grabs my face and tells me he loves me.  Sigh….

What’s the one best piece of parenting advice you can give readers?

Don’t yell…..unless they are in serious danger.  Kids love boundaries – don’t strive to be their best buddy, strive to be their best example.

You can watch Jody weekday mornings on Breakfast Television on Citytv. You can also find her on Twitter and FB.



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