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Photo Courtesy: CTV

Keri Adams is one busy lady. As an awarding-winning journalist and the host of CTV Morning Live Vancouver, the single mother of two lovely daughters and a supporter of local charities and fundraisers, Keri still manages to get her girls to soccer, piano, swimming and skating, makes time to spend with her girlfriends and hits the gym.

Before she began juggling motherhood and work, Keri started her career in 1994 as a morning show writer in Edmonton where she grew up. Keri headed to Vancouver seven years later where she worked at Global Television as a reporter and anchor before moving to CTV which has been her home ever since. 


had the opportunity to ask Keri about her life and how she makes it all work.

As a working mom, how do you find the right balance between career and family?

OMG, does any working mother ever really find the right balance? If so, congratulations. If not, join the club. Trying to juggle it all is one of the biggest and ongoing challenges I face. I know how I parent my children has been affected because I am a working mother.  And I’m sure my career path has been altered because I’m a mom. But neither one is necessarly for the worse.  I will always try to put my kids first.  They are the most important people in my life! But I like to look at like this: I’m hopefully teaching my two daughters that having an education, a career they love, and being financially independent will make them strong young women.

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Photo Courtesy: CTV

As a well-known television anchor and reporter, how does being in the spotlight affect you and your family?

I don’t think it’s had too much of an impact. The most attention I get is when people approach us at the supermarket or soccer field to chat with me because they’re viewers who want to say hi. I think my girls are getting used to it. Sometimes my kids will participate in publicity or charity promos with me, and have attended family-friendly media events. And they sure weren’t complaining when I took them with me to DisneyLand for the CTV Morning Live trip giveaway show.  😉

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love knowing that I’m exactly where I should be. I’ve been reporting and anchoring news for close to 20 years, and I finally feel like I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I think a big part of that comes with age and experience. I’m a part of a respected newsroom,  I’m fronting major news stories, and delivering information to people every morning. The icing on the cake is that I have a ton of fun doing it. I laugh a lot, and I’m grateful everyday.

Photo Courtesy: Keri Adams
Photo Courtesy: Keri Adams

Is it harder or easier for your daughters to have two parents in the television industry?

Easier!  Mom and Dad have always both been on TV. They don’t know any different. And I used to joke our kids probably thought at one point everyones parents were on TV.

What things do you like to do together as a family?

Me and the girls spend a lot of time enjoying our fantastic local parks and playgrounds in our spare time.  But there’s never enough spare time! Between soccer, piano lessons, swimming and skating … my kids are busy. They like it that way. So do I!

Keri Adams & daughters - smiling
Photo Courtesy: Keri Adams

What is the best thing about being a mom?

The best thing about being a mom is when my kids smile and laugh with me. It’s those beautiful organic moments that make me feel like I can do this. That I can raise these kids to be good little human beings.

What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?

There are a lot of things about being a mom that are challenging, especially now  that I’m trying to raise them in a split household. I guess the biggest fear I have is messing up.  I never want to do anything that my kids will remember 20 years from now in a negative way.

Keri Adams with daughters - in bed
Photo Courtesy: Keri Adams

If you ever get some “ME” time, what do you do?

Spending time with my close girlfriends, walking/hiking,  going to the gym (ugh),  but I also really love hanging out with my couch.

What is once piece of parenting advice you have learned over the years that you can share?

I’m pretty sure I can’t offer anyone any advice!   I’m learning as I go, just like everyone else.

You can watch Keri Adams weekday mornings on CTV Morning Live from 5:30am -9am. Follow Keri on Twitter for fun and informative tweets. Check her out on Instagram as well, for an inside look at the life of a host, news anchor and mom.

10 thoughts on “In The Spotlight with CTV’s Keri Adams

  1. Parenting has never been an easy task . Even though Kerri says she has no advice for anyone, just sharing her story gives other people some ideas on what they can do. She is a great person. Thanks for sharing her story.

  2. I really don’t know how people do it all… have crazy jobs… then a spouse… then children.. then make time for other things …. SO MUCH! I really don’t know how people do it. I would need lots of help.. LMBO Mothers and mother in laws.. sisters and sisters in laws…. It takes a village right? LOL
    I love that she was modest enough to mention that she’s learning as she is going… good for her 🙂

  3. Great interview! I am not familiar with this public figure because I live in the midwestern USA, but she is an inspiration to all working mothers with children, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing her with us!

  4. What an insightful interview! I especially appreciate her refusing (last question) to give any advice. I have six children, and I totally get that. “Don’t ask me—!”

  5. Salma: what a neat idea for a blog post! Did you know Keri previously, or did you seek her out for this interview? In either case, you did a really great job of letting us into Keri’s thoughts and feelings about her work and family life. Thanks!

  6. Hey Keri, great story, like you I worked in the broadcast industry and I raised my kids as a single dad for 18 years on my own. I now understand how crazy my life was with 2 boys and a girl but I got my kids back! We only get one chance at raising these kids and we get to have all those very special moments that money can’t buy! Looking back my kids and still are my life…the rewards are huge! You are Miss mom and Mr dad….be proud of that….as long as you and your kids are healthy and happy that’s all that matters! When we think its impossible think about I. m possible. You are doing a great job at ctv…your fresh natural and like we say in the industry…check your ego at the door. Be kind and help others. Doug elphicke who is friend worked at ctv…its a great shop with great people…good family. Keep up the great work and love those 2 beautiful little girls Keri…cheers Wayne dobson

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