In The Spotlight with Global’s Steve Darling

**Update: As of October 7, 2016, Steve Darling was let go from Global BC. No specific reason as to why. Here is a link to a story from the Vancouver Sun.

Steve Darling Green Screen
Photo Courtesy of Steve Darling

Steve Darling is well-known as the co-host of Global BC Morning News for more than 10 years. What you may not know is that Steve is also a big hockey fan, a great supporter of charity events like the ALS Society of BC and Ronald McDonald house and a dedicated family man. Married to his wife Jen since 2006, Steve also has two little ones, 5-year old Hayley and 2-year old Hunter.

How does this busy morning show host wake up at 2:30am to get to work on time, coach his daughter’s soccer team, play ice hockey and still find time for date night? I had a chance to ask him about that and about how he manages to find the right balance.

As a busy, working dad, how do you find balance between career and family?

I think it is tough on any family with both parents working. I am in a lucky position doing the morning show. Yes I get up at 2:30 in the morning but I am able to be home at a  decent time during the day so I can have time with my son Hunter and pick up or be with my daughter after school. I also take our dog Lucy out for a walk when I get home.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I work with great people. I spend a lot of time with Sophie, Mark, Kaitlyn and our crew.  We are a tight unit and have a ton of fun together. I also like the fact we get to cover the hard news of the day but also try to send people off to work or school with a smile.

As the anchor of a  well-known morning show, how does being in the spotlight affect you and your family?

I have no problem with it. When people come up to say hi  and say that they love the show, it is a great compliment. Hey, without our viewers, we may have to work for a living. As far as my wife and kids are concerned, I tend to be more protective of them. For the most part everyone is very nice.

What things do you like to do together as a family?

We do a lot of sports together. My daughter is in soccer (which I coach,) swimming, and  ice skating.  My son is in soccer, swimming and floor hockey.  My wife is in soccer as well. I play soccer, golf and ice hockey.  So we are an on-the-go type of family. We have a membership to the aquarium and love heading there. Plus we do a lot of walks with our dog Lucy.

darling family outings
Photo provided by Steve Darling

What is the best thing about being a father?

I think seeing them grow into little people.  My daughter started kindergarten this year and one of friends was have a hard time being away from her mom.  Hayley helped her through it and received a award from her teacher. She is a great leader. My son loves sports and playing indoor hockey together is so much fun.

Steve Darling son as pilot
Photo provided by Steve Darling

What is the most challenging thing about being a dad?

I think keeping up with their energy.  My kids are always so busy. Sometimes it might be nice to just do nothing.

Two young kids keep parents very busy, how do you and your wife Jen maintain your own relationship?

We try to make sure we have some us time. Now that our son is two, we feel better about leaving them with the babysitter.  I MC a lot of dinners so it’s nice when Jen is able to come with me. It makes for a fun night.

If you ever get ME time, what do you like to do?

What is me time? Haha. Hockey is a fun distraction.  Also, some buddies get together to watch Monday night football. Most of my time is spent making sure my kids are happy.

Photos provided by Steve Darling
Photos provided by Steve Darling

What is once piece of parenting advice you have learned over the years that you can share with readers?

With kids just 2 and 5.  I am not sure I can offer parenting advice.  If I had to offer something it would be patience.  I find that it is a parents best asset.  Oh and good negotiating skills.  Boy kids can negotiate.   Haha.

UPDATE: Many readers have been coming to this article in search for information about Steve Darlings recent health and weight changes. Click on this link to find out all the details of his lifestyle changes and how he made it all happen. 

Photo Source: TV Week/Polo Heath
Photo Source: TV Week/Polo Heath

You can follow Steve Darling on Twitter @SteveDarling1 and on FB at Steve Darling.

59 thoughts on “In The Spotlight with Global’s Steve Darling

  1. I was so sad to see the small write up in the Vancouver Sun this morning. Whatever happened is private to you, but in my opinion you are a joy to wake up with in the morning and it won’t be the same.
    I wish you all the very best and hope to see you on the “tube”. I think Global needs to explain things to the public or they are going to lose their fan base.

  2. For reasons that have not been made public, as of Friday, October 7, 2016 Steve Darling no longer works for Global TV news. His position was “eliminated”.

  3. I for one will not be watching Global again. I never watched the 6:00 pm news, so now CTV has me morning and evening. Moving Sophie was a huge mistake, releasing Steve means they are getting dumb and dumber. Good luck Stevie D.

  4. Who runs that place. You bring a British news anchor who sucks then you get rid of a morning anchor stalwart who has worked there for 15 or more years,because of some woman’s opinion . Total bs never watch it again or listen to a course station .

  5. hopefully some other station is gonna get steve to host cuz he is amazing and global news made the biggest mistake getting rid of him shame on you global, I guess someone up higher needed a bigger wage hey, who ever there is running who works where is doing a horrible job and should be fired, you guys just got rid of the best anchor ever

  6. We will miss you every morning,Steve.I dont understand you leaving as the gal with the English accent is staying.
    You cant keep a good man down and I look forward to what you do in the furure.
    No more Global news for me.

  7. Looked forward, every morning, to watching Steve do the news! His genuine, easy manner & professionalism made him a star for many! It will not be the same without him! All my older relatives are bewildered and so saddened. Good Luck, Steve! Good-bye Global!

  8. I wish you all the best. It has been lovely watching you over the years. I am sorry that it will not continue, but maybe it will on another station. Global is not very bright!

  9. I too will miss Steve… and global will also lose me as a viewer…
    Big mistake Global… he was a great anchor… looking forward to seeing you at another station.

  10. What a shocker and a bad, bad move. Global News will lose a lot of viewers over this. I for one switched to CBC.

  11. What head stupid decided to let Steve Darling go!!! He gives us that homey feeling when we see him. Please have some brains and bring him back.

    And why are you letting the news be delivered by a persons with an accent. The girl could be purple as far as I am concerned. Her accent is too strong and she speaks too fast. Please but her behind the camera.

  12. Steve Darling is a darling, and this was quite a wrong decision to let him go. I see by the reaction that many will not follow the morning news on Global. We do not have TV at the moment, so this was a big surprise.
    I hope Steve gets another great position, and can move past this.

  13. Wow what are global thinking. What a treat to wake up turn on the morning news and see steve’s smiling face and share his wonderful humor as well as let us know what is happening in the news. Global you have made some stupid decisions but so far this is one of your biggest. He will be greatly missed. And you at global the biggest losers. Good luck Steve may the journey you take be filled with wonderful adventures.

  14. My husband & I were very surprized when we heard the news that Steve Darling had been let go.
    We always loved watching Sophie & Steve in the morning. I will not watch Global again, & I am not very pleased that new faces on Global have accents.

    Sophie & Steve just seemed to have a magic about them and we will sincerely miss them.

    We are going to watch CBC or American to get our news.

    Maybe the head of the Global should put out explanation as whe Steve was let go?

    1. I am saddened to hear steve darling had been let go. he was your whole show.Iwould hope the English girl had n0thing to do with this as there is not too many people like her.But we will dearly miss STEVE.He was so involved with children and so many other things he will be hard to replace I will also miss him. lots of love Steve andfamily ,will hope to see you soon. no morning show for me

  15. Since Steve Darling left , I don’t watch global news in the morning any more.
    I have no idea why he was let go .but that is a big lost for your station.

    Good luck Steve.

    1. Great loss for the viewers who tuned in every morning
      My husband and I have banned Global News and the Channel all together. We appreciate loyalty, and Global Morning News did not give it to Steve Darling so we are no longer viewers of Global. Jill Krop are you responsible for this dumb decision?

  16. We miss you very much on Morning Global News, Steve. You had a great team, [Sophie, Mark, Kaitlyn …] on Morning news on Global. Best wishes on your journey in the future. Cheers, D & D

  17. Does Global not listen to their listeners?! Change it back or loose majority of your viewers. Warned, but your choice? What is it going to be?


  19. My wife and I are extremely upset at your departure from Global. We have watched you every morning for as long as you have been there. You have always been gracious, professional and articulate. The losers are us and I hope in the long run Global will be the biggest losers. Our very best to you and your family and am certain that you will find something that suites your personality . We do not watch Global now.

  20. As a morning person, I like to have my coffee and bring my day in with Steve…. it’s just that ‘comfortable!.
    He is also coaching my granddaughter in soccer. So to say I miss him, you bet!
    I will not be watching Global…and will switch to another News Chanel. You, in your infinite wisdom
    screwed up Royally!!!. What were you thinking?

  21. I left global news when that English sophie was on with steve – really hard to understand her then when she left I came back to global news with steve – now that steve is gone
    I’m gone for good from global

  22. Hearing the news that Steve Darling was taken off Global News was a total shock!

    But I know there are places ready with open arms to welcome him in any situation as
    he has all and more of the credentials they need.

    All the best to you Mr. Darling and to your family.

  23. Jack Knight says.
    Global would do well to come clean as to why Steve Darling was let go. Now people will start making up stories most of them not true, and in the meantime Global is losing a phenominal viewer base me and my wife included. Long time viewers have a right to know what happened . What is the secret. Looking forward to a clarification from Global .

  24. So sorry to see that Steve Darling was let go from Global – bad move on Global’s part. Are they just getting rid of long time employees to save on dollars. I heard they want the younger people so I guess they want a younger audience. I also heard Randene is leaving the morning news at the end of the month. We will watch Global until she leave and then switch to another station. Can’t watch a station that does not support long time employees.

  25. Don’t understand a station that would fire Steve Darling but keep Sophie . The worst piece of crap news anchor ever, or that woman with the phoniest English accent I have ever heard. Thank goodness we have CTV. Now they are loosing Randene Neal, a young lady with a real personality. Global you deserve loosing every viewer that you are.

  26. I’m just guessing but maybe Global doesn’t want to be the go to network for news any more. They have moved people around to positions they don’t fit in and highered poor anchors (I wonder if the new anchors are related to one of the Global Board of Directors.) Now they have let go Steve one of their best anchors. I for one of many feel betrayed and now that Randene has left my morning news I will be watching either CTV or CBC. Good Luck to both Steve and Randene.

  27. Never watched the morning show, but I avoid watching News Hour when Sophie is on air. I’ll watch CTV or CBC instead. I’ve always liked Chris here & when he was in Calgary. Always enjoyed Randine & Squire on the noon news. Anne Drewa is on my fav list and pleases me when she is on the late hour news.

  28. I can’t judge Globel until I know why Steve was let go. Can’t handle the English accent. Will miss Randene Miss Wayne Cox. He took time to reach out when we were losing a loved one. Yvonne is a ray of sunshine!!!!!!!! Hang on to Mark. Just saying……….

  29. Was very sorry to lose Steve Darling from the morning news, especially without a thank you or goodbye of any kind for his many years of great service to his viewers. Now that Randene has also left, will no longer be watching Global.

  30. We are very sorry to see Steve D and Randene leave. We are liking Global less and less all the time. Global has no loyalty. We laugh at the weather women wearing their tight skimpy clothes. Very I liberated women.

  31. ok i have wachted bctv news global news forever me and my mom .. mom is gone now i live in prince george for 33 years i love the news .. all off people sophie sqiure randine mark steve and all the other greats imsorry if i didnt mention your name but i no you and love you all as well as mom did .. but im not happy with what i dont see .. right now is family please try to fix it love judy i want to keep watching

  32. I don’t understand at all. First you break up a great team of Steve and Sophie. Then you let Steve go?? Next you will let Mark go. Might as well because I am gone now and so are 1000s of others. Please don’t accuse me of being racist but I do feel that the global news team as become an advocate for people from India, from the personnel changes to all the stories on their culture. All I see is special stories on Indian food and festivals from the traffic reporter who always interviews her family at the temple. It seems that human resources either has a ethnic quota or no one over 25 anymore.

  33. As a daily watcher of the morning news for many many years I was shocked and very dismayed to learn of Steve’s sudden dismissal.
    Aside from his splendid news anchor abilities, Steve came across to his viewers as being a super caring ,friendly and trustworthy presenter of the news to his daily watchers.
    He also impressed me with his unselfish participation in community fund raising and community events.
    Great guy who will be sourly missed.
    Big mistake CTV and along with many others I am NO longer a CTV WATCHER.

  34. Steve was the best anchorman Global had. Now I will not watch Global any more . It’s news anymore it’s a Gong show’ Good luck Steve .

  35. We miss you Steve! You were our favorite! What’s going on? Get rid of the English lady! You can’t understand her anyway!! Steve – I wish you much success and happiness in your future endeavours !

  36. I aslo will not be watching am news @ Global- big mistake Global as made as they will see the channel for am news has lost most of the veiwers because of a BIG PRIVATE REASON

  37. The new lady Sonia working the morning news is great. Refreshing new personality with articulate delivery about current events.

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