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With Mother’s Day around the corner, the latest edition of “In The Spotlight” features a mom who makes us all realize, that some sort of balance between motherhood and life, is possible! Lisa Dutton, the anchor of Global Morning News in Saskatoon is a busy mother of two, career woman, wife, supporter of charities and at the end of the day, she even makes time for a run around her neighbourhood! 

I had a chance to ask her a few questions and  investigate how she finds her balance, her favourite thing about being a parent, why parents should have a lock on their bedroom door and so much more!

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How do you balance work, motherhood and the rest of life and make it look so easy?

It isn’t easy. Actually, it is incredibly hard. I also don’t pretend it is easy. Like all mothers, I have some really hard days. It is important you have people to lean on. I do my best, and my strategy is schedule. When I am at work I give 100%, but when I go home – I am home. I need to be 100% there as well. I think it is important that when I leave work…I “leave work” – I don’t take my job home with me. I also have an employer that is understanding of my role as “mom first.” Kids get the flu, hockey tournaments happen. Having a supportive manager is a game changer for working moms.

As the morning news anchor on Global Saskatoon, obviously you get recognized when you’re out and about. How does being in the spotlight affect you and your family?

My oldest son, Jesse, just recently became aware of what I really “do”. He thinks it is neat to see his mom on TV every morning, and is proud of me. It was a bit of a moment for me when I realized my son is proud of me and looks up to me. I no longer feel guilty about going to work. I think right now it is “cool” to have a mom on TV…not sure if he will feel that way as a teenager though! I may be forced to retire early!

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My job as a TV broadcaster for nearly 10 years has made me a public figure – not to be confused with celebrity. I think it is funny when people say “local celebrity”. There is nothing glamorous about my job. I do my own hair and make-up, I pick out my own clothes. I work hard, and I am forever grateful to the families who turn on their TVs every morning. They are the reason I have a job.

What do you love the most about your job?

Work is FUN! Live TV is an adrenaline rush; you need to be able to roll with the punches. My job takes me out of my comfort zone. I love getting to meet and connect with new guests every day. As an interviewer, you get to learn a little about a lot! My job keeps me in the thick of things.

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Lisa dutton fun at work

Being on the morning show means you have to be up really early. What is your day usually like?

My hours sound scary to most people. The alarm goes off at 3:30am. But as I mentioned before, schedule is key for me. I crumble if I don’t stick to it. My phone goes off at 8pm, and I’m in bed by 9:30pm. I also try to take a nap every day around noon (though not for too long or it just makes me feel like junk). Sleep was becoming a constant battle for me, so I recently started running. I run around my neighborhood every night like a hamster. It helps me to zonk out (it also makes your clothes fit better!) I recommend exercise over sleeping pills. Tried those…not good.

How did becoming a mother change your life?

First and foremost it has made me appreciate my own mother and how much she did for me growing up. I think the biggest change though has been in my priorities. It’s not about me anymore it’s about them. Little things like – I don’t buy myself new shoes because they need hockey equipment. But also the big things…we are healthy, we have each other…we are fine. No matter what life throws at me that is all that matters.

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What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

Seeing your kids take pride in their own accomplishments. Sure, seeing them score that first goal is awesome…but it is the smile on their own faces and the twinkles in their own eyes that really melt my heart.

What is the most challenging thing about parenting?

The lack of a manual. “Am I doing this right?” I am constantly second guessing, and seeking advice…but I think I am becoming more confident in my parenting decisions. You chillax a little with that second baby.

With such a busy life, how do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. We try to make a point of going out every few weeks, but we are often too tired by the end of the day! We love to just put the kids to bed on the weekend, and have a couple of beers together. Kiss, hug, call each other “sweetie” – your kids act like they hate it but it is important for them to see. Get a lock on your bedroom door, and use it at least once a week. Don’t let negative things fester.

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You are also very involved in charity. How do you make time to fit it into your busy life?

It is so rewarding to give back, and show that to your children. You don’t have to be rich. Determine what your talents are and lend them to the world. I don’t have thousands of dollars to give to charity, but I have some talent, and I can make some time. I love to emcee events. I always take away way more than I give.

What do you like to do if you get some ‘ME’ time?

I like to eat at a nice restaurant. Enjoy lunch with a friend. I don’t often get time to see my friends one on one. It is nice to use those opportunities to reconnect with people.

Favorite Book or TV Show?

Hmmm, my favourite TV show? The Morning News on Global Saskatoon! And I like me some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It makes me laugh, and I love to see their extravagant things. A true escape from MY reality! Favourite book: “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. I recommend you search Robert’s personal story behind that book. Very touching.

One piece of parenting advice you’ve learned that you can share with readers?

As far as really practical advice I know works: SLEEP. Sleep is so important for your kids. Sleep is as important as healthy food and exercise. You are not doing your children any favours by letting them stay up late. My kids are so much happier when they are properly rested. So are my husband and I.

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My other advice is, don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy your children and laugh with them as much as you can. I like to think both my husband and I have good senses of humour. We kid around a lot with our children, and I can now see them developing their own humour. Humour is really is a coping strategy in life. As long as you can savour the humorous aspect of misery and misfortune, you can overcome anything.

To find out more and to connect with Lisa, you can find her on Twitter, Instagram and FB

*This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions, as always, are my own.


6 thoughts on “In The Spotlight with Lisa Dutton

  1. You landed a nice guest blog post. As an empty nester, I can tell you that your guest has given some excellent advice. Especially not taking yourself seriously. Sleep, though, can be a real problem for many, especially those who have to work more than one job AND parent. I know single moms in that situation and they are the true unsung heroines of this world. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Loved this interview! Even though I’m not a mom yet, I think about most, if not all, of these things all the time! This definitely struck a chord with me – “…we are healthy, we have each other…we are fine. No matter what life throws at me that is all that matters.” So true no matter what stage of life you are in!

  3. Why you do a good job and don’t want it’s all good you make it possible for everybody to love your guys’s new station so keep on doing what you’re doing best okay and yeah
    I look forward to seeing daily on news

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