In the Spotlight with Simone Grewal

Mother’s are pretty amazing. They juggle so many proverbial balls that you’d think they’d actually be considered super heroes! It’s not always pretty or perfect but what is? Mom’s definitely deserve a little something special on Mother’s Day.

A perfect example is local media personality Simone Grewal. She somehow manages to balance her career, being mom to two adorable boys, wife, charity supporter and more, all while looking pretty fabulous! How does she do it your might ask? I had a chance to chat with her and find out in the last edition of In the Spotlight.

In the Spotlight with Simone Grewal - feature

You have many roles in your life, radio announcer, freelance work, mother, wife, mom blogger and charity work for BC Children’s hospital. It makes for quite a busy life. How do manage to balance everything?

By being super organized. I have a planner in which I write everything down in. I just find that if I see it on paper, it’s easier to check off. It works much better for me than storing things on my phone. I try to mentally run down what tomorrow will be like in my head, and plan accordingly. This has definitely helped me when it comes to wearing multiple hats. I also have a very supportive husband, and family. So when I need to be at events, or work, I usually have someone to help watch or be with the kids.

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Having worked as a broadcaster, writer and producer for the last 15 years puts you and your life in the spotlight. How does being in the spotlight affect you and your family?

For me it’s been positive. I love sharing my life with anyone and everyone as I’m a very open person. I have a thick skin, which I think anyone who gets into this industry learns to have. My husband is a realtor as well so he’s also a very recognizable person in the city we live in. It’s nice that people come and say hi when they recognize me by face or by my voice. I think that shows that they are comfortable with me. That’s always something I’ve strived for, just being honest and genuine so what you see/hear on tv/radio is what you get in real life. 

Simone Grewal at Work

 How did you feel when you first found out you were going to be a mother?

Ecstatic! I actually kept it to myself for 10 days after finding out!! It was my little secret and that helped me process what an exciting time was ahead. Then when my husband and I were in Hawaii for our 4 year wedding anniversary, I shared it with him in the most beautiful setting on the beach. It is one of my favourite memories. 

How has becoming a mother changed your life?

It’s definitely not all about me anymore! I used to be very selfish. As a mother you learn to be extremely selfless. I do everything and anything for my boys. When I get a rare night out to hang out with girlfriends the old Simone definitely comes out and she’s a riot. Most days I am just Aarav & Arjun’s mom. 

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What things do you do together as a family?

We like hanging out at home for the most part especially since our youngest is only 6 months. We often entertain friends who have kids, so it makes for playdates for us and the kids! We love being outside and playing in the yard. Movie night is also a BIG deal at our house. It’s every Friday and that’s our time to really connect with our 4 year old after a busy week of work, preschool & activities. 

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Everything. There are trying days, but I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. I’ve seen friends go through the struggle of having children so for us to already having two is really a huge blessing. They give me a reason to wake up with a smile every morning. Having little buddies to hang out with all the time is fun. I really can’t picture life before them. Although I did sleep more as any parent would say. 

Simone Grewal - sons

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

Having the patience to deal with tantrums and crying. Children require so much attention, and there are days they won’t let me shower or even go to the bathroom. I always remind myself that’s this is just such a short part of life and when they are teenagers and always out with their friends, I will be sitting here bored wishing they wanted to spend time with me, so I really soak it all in.

You’ve been married for 8 years, so how do you keep the spark in your relationship with such a busy life?

We’ve been married for 8 years, together for 15, so it’s definitely important for us to find ways to connect after a hectic week. We try to have our own little movie night after the one with Aarav on Fridays, or go out whenever possible. Before kids we were always out on the town, or travelling, now being at home with them is nice.

Simone Grewal with her husband
How do you make time for your self? And when you do have me time, what do you like to do?

My favourite thing to do for myself right now is workout. If I can get to the gym or spin class a few times a week I’m happy. It’s a great break from the kids. Now that it’s also easier to leave my little one for a few hours, I’m starting to reconnect with girlfriends who i’ve neglected for a long time by just heading out to dinner with them when I can. 

From your experience, what is the best piece of advice you can give other parents?

Just take it day by day. My husband and I agree on most things, but also butt heads on certain things when it comes to parenting. Figuring out what’s best for our kids is constant work, but we just take it one day at a time.

You can catch Simone back on air this Fall on Z95.3 hosting the news and traffic. You can also check out her mommy blog, Vancity Mom and get an inside look at her day on Instagram

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