Indoor Scavenger Hunt

We’ve been really lucky this year with quite a mild winter so far (knock on wood.) But if you’re dealing with colder weather or just looking for some fun stuff to do with your kids inside the house, then you have to try an Indoor Scavenger Hunt.

When our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt was a big hit with the kids I decided to try an indoor hunt on a morning when I needed to finish off about 20 minutes of work and they wanted to play!

It’s really easy to put together. All you need is a paper and something to write with.

If you have kids that can read, then you can quickly write up a list of items for them to find and bring back to you. If your kids are younger, it’ll be easier for them if you draw a few quick pictures. You’ll want to do some easy things and some hard ones just to keep it exciting as well as challenging!

Here’s the list that I came up with:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

 When doing the scavenger hunt indoors there are so many options to add to the scavenger hunt list, the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and your kids will have a lot of fun!

Happy Hunting. 

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  1. We’ve done a variation on a scavenger hunt where we leave clues around the house, and each clue leads to the next clue. Lots of fun for younger kids, and you can set it up for a single group of kids or set it up as a race between groups (like the Amazing Race).

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