Kid-Designed Pillows

On your next inside day if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, try this great craft by mom of two, Marianne. It does require some adult help, but in the end, it’s something your child will love and keep forever.

About our Guest Contributor:
Marianne grew up, predominantly, in Edmonton, but since 8 years ago, has called Winnipeg home. She used to work in elementary education but after having her two children, Benjamin and Izzy, has turned her focus to the carefully unbalanced art of child wrangling, attempted household upkeep, and the occasional stint in nominally successful organization. She is proudly one of the world’s okay-est moms.

Meen Family

Kid Designed Pillows

-Painter’s tape
-Fabric markers
-Iron (or clothes dryer)
-Sewing materials (I used a sewing machine and finished with a needle and
thread but there’s no reason why you couldn’t hand-sew the whole thing)

Pillow Craft Supplies


Step 1: Cut two pieces of material for your child to decorate for their pillow (one for the front, one for the back). Tape the fabric down to your drawing surface with painter’s tape.

tape fabric to table

Step 2
: Release your children on the fabric with the fabric markers. Benjamin wanted to freestyle his design, but I drew a tree for Izzy to decorate and then ended up drawing an owl with the two of them for my pillow. Experience suggests that unless your child is of the more focused-on-concrete-idea variety, helping them establish (or even draw for them) an outline of their creation leads to a more satisfying outcome . . . for everyone.

kids drawing on fabric

Step 3: Un-tape the fabric and, according to the directions on your particular brand of fabric marker, iron the design, put it in a hot cycle of the dryer or do whatever they suggest to “set” the ink into the fabric.

iron colored fabric

Step 4: Place pieces so that decorated sides are facing one another and cut an outline around the drawing in whatever shape you or your child wants (or allows you to). Older kids can certainly do this themselves too.

cut and pin fabric

Step 5: Pin the two pieces of fabric together, still with the decorated sides facing towards each other. My four year old enjoys helping me pin things . . . I sometimes don’t enjoy this but it is good practical life experience, right?!?!?

Step 6: Sew around the outside of the fabric, giving about a half-inch margin. Leave an open gap big enough to stuff your child’s creation.

pillow case Step 1

Step 7: Snip leftover fabric on corners (if you have any) and, if needed make little snips on curves (I didn’t do this but it might have helped retain shape a bit better) turn the pillow creation right side out through the gap you left unsewn and, if needed, iron it to secure the shape.

stuff pillow cases

Step 8: Stuff the pillow as full as you want (or can). Encourage your child to help with this step, it may or may not work. Pin, and then hand-sew closed the gap. Play, snuggle, enjoy!

stuffed pillow case

Love this idea!! Will have to try it out with the kids. If you’re a mom with craft ideas you’d like to share, please email me at

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