Meal Plan #78

It’s my first meal plan for 2016! I’m looking forward to getting back into this part of the routine. It’s going to make dinner time so much easier and it’ll help out when we are making the grocery list as well.

Meal Plan 78
Photo Source: The Big Man’s World

MondayPulled Tandoor Chicken with steamed rice and sautéed snap peas

TuesdayHomemade Chicken Strips, shoestring sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli

WednesdayEasy Thai Prawn Curry with noodles

ThursdayKorean Beef with sticky rice and edamame 

FridaySeasoned Tilapia with sautéed brussels sprouts

SaturdayEnglish Muffin Pizza with veggies and dip

Sunday – Dinner with family

I hope this gives you some ideas for your dinners this week!

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