Meal Plan #89

I am making this week’s meal plan a little differently. Instead of planning the recipes and then going out to buy the ingredients, I’ll be looking in our freezer, seeing what’s in there and basing the recipes around that. Then topping up with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The reason we are doing this is because we are moving in a couple of weeks and want to just use what we have, to keep food stuff to a minimum during the move. Of course my husband’s idea was just to eat out everyday for two weeks, but I decided to veto that 🙂

Photo Source: Revi's Foodography
Photo Source: Revi’s Foodography

MondayCheesesteak sandwiches with homemade fries

TuesdayHashbrown hamburger casserole

WednesdaySeasoned tilapia with steamed edamame

ThursdayChicken and broccoli pasta with a side salad

FridayPaneer biryani with cucumbers slices on the side

Saturday – It’s my son’s birthday so we are having family over for dinner and my mom’s making Akni.

Sunday – Dinner out

If you’d like more dinner recipe ideas, check out last week’s meal plan too.

13 thoughts on “Meal Plan #89

  1. I am so impressed with all you ladies out there, so good at planning ahead. This week’s menu looks delicious. I’ve moved a lot in my life sometimes even twice a year. I know how hectic all of it can be. Good luck.

    1. It just makes dinner time so much easier when I know I’ve already purchased the ingredients and I know what I’m going to make! And thanks for the moving luck 🙂

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