Mini Banana Pancake Bites

If you’re looking to try a little something different for breakfast, these Mini Banana Pancake Bites might be just the thing. They are a simple twist on the usual pancake and they are seriously delicious! 

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I can’t remember exactly how this recipe came to be, as it was quite a few years ago, but I think it was a long the lines of me making pancakes for breakfast when my little guy wanted some banana slices. So I was cutting it up and somehow a few fell into the batter. Instead of wasting it, I cooked it and Mini Banana Pancake Bites were born. 

Pancake batter
Bananas peeled and sliced thick and on an angle
Maple syrup (optional)

1. Make your favourite pancake batter. This is my usual go-to recipe which I cut in half. These also work well with a gluten-free pancake batter.
2. Peel a few bananas. Then slice them at an angle about one inch thick. (You don’t want them too thick or too thin.)
3. Heat a pan on medium with some olive oil. Dip some bananas into the batter until they are covered. Then put them on the pan to cook.
4. Let them cook until one side is brown, about 30 seconds to one minute. Then flip each one over and do the same on the other side. 
5. Continue until all pieces are cooked. 
6. Serve with some maple syrup and enjoy!

Banana Bites 1

Warning, these are really good. You and your family may eat a lot.

13 thoughts on “Mini Banana Pancake Bites

  1. These look delicious! My kids love bananas and pancakes — I hadn’t thought to combine the two. I’ll have to try them this weekend. BTW, have you tried making these in advance and freezing them? I have some time to make breakfast on the weekends, but weekday breakfasts need to be very speedy. So if I could just defrost these pancakes and heat them up in the microwave, that could be really quick and tasty!

  2. These look delish. I’ve had a banana pancake recipe I’ve made for the kids on Sundays as a tradition for years and they love them! And they’re healthy … bonus 🙂

  3. I do meal planning and on Sunday I had scheduled to make pancakes… Plain ones that is but now I HAVE A GREAT NEW RECIPE! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    Sam Root

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