Moms 30 for 30 Daily Outfits

I’m excited to be doing #mom30for30. For more info on the 30 for 30 Challenge, click here. You can see the 30 pieces of clothing I chose here.

This post is for anyone who want the details from my outfit and where I bought each article of clothing. If you have any questions about any of the ensembles, please leave me a comment.  And if you want to compliment me on my fabulous fashion sense, please do so freely 🙂

Day 1

Day 1 Outfit Details:

This fabulous open-back sweater is from Reitmans.
Long layering tank is from Old Navy.
My favourite leggings are from Mexx.
The knee-high boots are from Spring Shoes.


Day 2

Day 2 Outfit Details:

The turquoise sweater is from H&M. (only $12.95)
Layering tank top from Old Navy.
Dark jeans from Gap Outlet.
My favourite boots are from Aldo Shoes.

Day 3

Day 3 Outfit Details:

Maxi dress from Old Navy Online (it’s still there and it’s on sale!)
White tank is from H&M
The belt is from Stitches
I love these boots from Freedman Shoes.



Day 4 Outfit Details:

Long Grey Cardigan from Jacob.
Sequinned T-Shirt from Ricki’s
Grey Jeans from Old Navy
hoes from the Gap.


day 5.2


Day 5 Outfit Details:

Grey Sweater Dress from Old Navy
Dark Grey Tights from The Gap
Black Booties from Aldo Shoes


Day 6.1

Day 6 Outfit Details:

Chambray Shirt from Old Navy
White Tank from H&M
Striped Maxi Skirt from Zara

Day 7.1

Day 7 Outfit Details:

Sweater from Smart Set
White Tank from Old Navy
Trouser Jeans from RW&Co
Polka Dot Girls Dress from Old Navy

Day 8.1

Day 8 Outfit Details:

Red Scarf from Jacob
Long Grey Cardigan from Jacob
Jeans from the Gap
Boots from Aldo

Day 9.1

Day 9 Outfit Details:

Beige Sweater from RW&CO
Jeans from the Gap
Ankle Boots from Aldo

Day 10.1

Day 10 Outfit Details: 

Grey Cardigan from Jacob
Pants from Old Navy
oots from Aldo

Day 10.11

Day 11 Outfit Details:

Cardigan from Old Navy
White Tank & Burgundy Maxi Skirt from H&M
Belt from Stitches

Day 12 IG.2

Day 12 Outfit Details:

Hat from Harry Rosen
White Tunic from Gap
Grey Vest from Suzy Shier
Legging from Mexx
Boots from Call It Spring

Day 13

Day 13 Outfit Details:

Black Cardigan from Joe Fresh
Dress from Old Navy
Belt from H&M
Boots from Call It Spring

Day 14.2

Day 14 Outfit Details:

Leather Sleeve T-Shirt from Smart Set
Red Jeans from Old Navy
Kicks from Adidas
Kyah’s Sweater from Children’s Place

day 15.1

Day 15 Outfit Details:

Chambray Shirt and Grey Jeans from Old Navy
Black Belt from Stiches

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