Moms 30 For 30 – Week 2

Week two of our 30 for 30 fashion challenge, moms, edition went pretty well. I had to think a little bit more about putting outfits together but I haven’t had to repeat an outfit yet, so that’s good. I had a couple days where it was a struggle getting out of my workout gear because after the gym I was doing a bunch of running around. But I made myself change, even if it was later in the afternoon.

What I’m looking forward to the most at the end of this challenge is to have a whole new outlook on how I can wear my clothes as well as having a whole bunch of outfits ready for me in the morning without having to figure out it works or not! So without any further adieu, here are my outfits for Week 2.

30 for 30 Week 2

Day 14.2

I really liked all the outfits this week but my favourite was Day 12. The hat and vest I’ve saved for years but never worn and this challenge finally got them dusted off and on me!

We have some great moms doing the challenge with us. You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #mom30for30.

If you need some outfit inspirations, check out these stylish mom bloggers:

Tairalyn from Little Miss Mama, Jaclyn from Jacheart and  Tiffany from Becoming Barsotti.

Make sure to visit my co-hosts for this challenge, who I’ve also been getting inspirations from:

30for30hosts 2

                                                  Brianna                           Farzana

30for30hosts 1

                               Shawna                             Raj                           Brooke

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