Instant Pot Moong Bean Curry

This instant pot moong bean curry is one of my go-to weeknight dinners. It’s not only super easy, (you just throw everything in the pot and pressure cook,) it tastes good too. It’s one of the dishes I make that the kids don’t even complain about!

When I first started using the instant pot, just over a year ago, this was the first recipe I tried. Fareen from is the one who gave me the original recipe to try. It was so delicious! She made me less scared of the instant pot lol. I’m modified her original recipe a bit to make it work for us.

I used to make Moong Bean Curry (or muug jo saac, as we call it in Gujrati,) on the stove top and it took forever! First I would soak the whole moong beans overnight. Then the whole cooking in the pot process took a really long time, so the instant pot is a real game changer!

Instant Pot Moong Bean Curry

Moong Bean Curry Ingredients:

-1 cup whole green moong beans
– 3 cups of water
– 1 roma tomato, chopped
– 1/4 cup of pre-fried onions
– 1 tbsp tomato paste
– 1 tsp each of minced garlic and minced ginger
– 1/2 tsp each of cumin, coriander and turmeric
– 1-2 tsp of salt (adjust to your taste)

Moong Bean Curry Instructions

1. Put all the ingredients in the instant pot

2. Mix everything together

3. Put it on pressure cook on high for 16 minutes

4. Let it naturally release for 10 minutes and then you can release the pressure manually.

5. I like to serve it with basmati rice. I use this instant pot basmati rice recipe from My Heart Beets. Turns out perfectly every time.

And that’s how easy this Instant Pot Moong Bean Curry recipe is. Our whole family loves it and my daughter even takes it to school for lunch!

This recipe is great if you’re trying Meatless Mondays or are looking for more vegan/plant based recipes that are delicious and easy!

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