Much Need Pampering

Pampering, it sounds so lovely. But the reality is, it doesn’t happen to often. Life is busy with taking care of the kids, the house, cooking, working, exercising and sleeping,  so actually getting pampered really falls to the wayside. Nowadays, if I can squeeze in time to paint my nails or get my eyebrows done, I consider it a special time for myself.

But lets face it, we all need and deserve a little pampering. Something that feels nice, relaxing and luxurious. If we had to pick, for the hubby and I, that would be massages. We love them, we talk about doing couples massages all the time, but we never actually get around to it. Whether it’s finding the right time or getting a babysitter for the kids, somehow our plans never make it to fruition.

But that all changed last week. I found out about a Pampr, a new, on demand massage service that lets you schedule same day massages with licensed massage therapists. Then they actually come to your house, with everything they need and give you massages. I told the hubby about it and he said yes, let’s do it!!

Pampr options

I went online to book our massages and it was super easy! First you pick the type of massage you want and how long you want it for. Then you choose the kind of therapist you want, the date and time for the massage. After that you need to enter all your info and voila, you’re booked for a massage.

We decided to make a date night out of our evening of pampering. On Friday we had the kids sleepover at their grandparents. Then we picked a movie and made some popcorn and set it aside. I also got some candles to make it feel even more like a spa experience.

At 7:30pm our massage therapists arrived with their tables, pillows, sheets and oils. They were super friendly and introduced themselves before setting everything up, even the perfect music. Then they went into the powder room to give the hubby and I a chance to get under the sheets on our respective massage tables. 

Pampr tables Ready

The next hour was like heaven. I got a fully body swedish massage and the hubby got his first ever deep tissue massage.

The music and candles set the right atmosphere and  the therapists gave us some awesome massages. I didn’t even realize where the hour went, I was so relaxed. When it was done, we weren’t rushed at all to get up. They massage therapists disappeared and gave us enough time to get dressed. And there was no awkwardness about figuring out how much to tip because Pampr takes care of that too.

Pampr getting massage

So we said goodbye to the lovely ladies and sat down to relax. Then first thing my husband turned to me and said was, “That was the best massage I’ve ever had in my life! Let’s book the next one.” So I guess we’ll be planning another one soon.

If you are looking for a great date night plan, an anniversary idea or just need a massage, I would definitely recommend Pampr. They are professional, effective and I love that if you decide you want a massage after work when you get home, they can totally do that. I know we’ll be doing it again for sure!

Pampr post massage
Post Massage, Totally Relaxed, Selfie

When’s the last time you had a massage?

*As always, all opinions in this post are mine. I only share things with you that I really love and/or believe in. A big thank you to Pampr for providing us with the wonderful massages.

14 thoughts on “Much Need Pampering

  1. So tempting, I had some physio work after an accident and since then been “addicted” to a good massage. This service isn’t here in Toronto, but sounds something perfect for a date night with the wife.

  2. OMGosh!! That sounds amazing!!! So glad you guys to have an awesome date night in while still being able to get massages! I am now half tempted to get one myself 🙂

  3. Oh my, that sounds amazing! I love how they come right to your house but provide all the supplies to create the spa-like experience at your own home. I love massages – I’ve never gotten a professional massage, but I bug my husband for them regularly. Usually after a few minutes he’s bored, lol. I couldn’t imagine a whole hour…wow! Anyway, this sounds like a great service…I checked it out and it says Canada and Washington State….hopefully they will expand soon!

  4. Wow, the massages you and your husband experienced sounds wonderful. What a great company and service. I love that they will come to your house. Super. I love getting a massage. It’s probably been a couple of years since I’ve had one. I like the deep tissue massage as well. I’m glad you enjoyed your evening. Thanks for sharing. Great review.

  5. That sounds wonderful! I wish that I lived in Vancouver so that I could book through Pampr! As it turns out, I have a massage scheduled for this very afternoon. Like you, I had to very carefully arrange everything that so that I have an hour to myself, and then saved up the money for it (turns out that massages are super expensive!!!!!!!). I’m really looking forward to it!

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