Mudderella 2015 – The Aftermath


It’s been just over a week since our MomErella team completed the Mudderella 2015 in Whistler. Now that’s it’s behind us, I can defiantly say that I’m really proud of what we accomplished. We finished the whole 10km as a team, completed every single obstacle and did it in a shorter time than anticipated. 

Our team was made up of 5 moms and each of us had our families at home rooting for us while we shared a different kind of girl’s day out. Instead of going to the spa for a mani, pedi, massage or facial, we decided to climb a mountain, in the cold, filled with obstacles and lots of mud.

3TT Mudderella Meet Up

A few days before Mudderella, we all got together for coffee to chat to make sure we were organized and had everything we would need for the trip. Right before heading up to Whistler, I decided to look a little more in-depth into the actual course map and the obstacle and I did start getting nervous. 

But Alana, Sharon, Tiffany, Karla and I were all in this together. We weren’t doing this as a competition, rather we were going to start and finish this challenge as a team.

On the morning of, even though the weather forecast promised sunny skies, as we started our Mudderella warm-up before they would let us start, the rain began. And for the next hour, it didn’t stop.

Mudderella 2015 warm up

It was tougher than I had anticipated, the hardest part being the initial 3km steep climb up BlackComb Mountain. but we did it. There were hundreds of women, all doing the same climb, encouraging each other and I knew if they could do it, so could I.

The next two hours were long yet a blur at the same time. We ran through trails and forests, climbed up and down hills, and completed muddy obstacles where we walked through muddy water, climbed over walls, crawled in the mud under barbed wire, went through trenches of mud and water, walked over swinging tires and more. 

Mudderella 2015 - barbed wire obstacle

Mudderella 2015 - piggy back obstable

Mudderella 2015 - Tire obstable

Mudderella 2015 - last obstable

As it got closer to the end and it felt like I couldn’t do anymore, we came to the last obstacle, the hat trick. If you want to finish with a bang, this was the way to do it. We climbed a tall rope ladder which took us to a steep slide where we would land in a deep freezing cold pool or water and then we had to swim to the finish line. 

One we all got through that, it was exhilarating. Yes we were were wet, our feet were soggy and are fingers were so frozen but as they put those Mudderella head bands on us, we were definitely proud that we had done this.

Mudderella 2015 - finish line

Immediately after when someone asked me if I would do this again, my first thought was no way! But once I’d had a hot shower, a nice nap and a great meal, I started thinking about next year how it would be fun to do it again. It was an great physical challenge and a great female bonding experience. And maybe next year we can even expand the #MomErella Team. 

What do you think? Would you do it?

In case you are interested, Sharon, one of our MomErella’s sported a go-pro during the challenge and put together a little video so you can see how we did.

I participated in an Influencer Campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

6 thoughts on “Mudderella 2015 – The Aftermath

  1. You brave things! It must be wonderful though to share this adventure with your friends. The mud, the slipping and sliding, the frozen fingers and soggy toes. You’ll look back on this as one of the greatest adventures of your life. The same thing couldn’t apply to a spa. grin.

  2. I wouldn’t do it now, in this portion of my life. But all of you look so exhilarated. Reminds me of the one time I white water rafted – I would never do it again, but the feeling right after it was over was so awesome – I remember it, 10 years later. We are built for adventure, are we not?

  3. Hmmm…would I do this? I think I’d like to. Well, maybe not ‘like’ to…but I’d like to have accomplished something like this. Does that count? Are you going to bug me now to join you? Lol Really proud of you gals – you deserved that hot shower, nap and meal, that’s for sure!

  4. That is exactly how I felt after my first mud run! I had the opposite experience in terms of temperature. It was blazing hot and the course had few hydration stations. So I finished and desperately needed water but all they had was beer and muscle milk LOL! My husband is doing tough mudder in a couple of weeks and I’m sure its going to be fantastic!

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