My 4-Year Blogiversary

Earlier this week I was writing my to-do list and all of a sudden I remembered, omg, it’s my blogiversary on Friday, I should really write something about it! I should admit that for some reason, I thought last year it was my four-year but alas I had jumped ahead of myself.


But four years is not too shabby. On Nov 11, 2012, a new-ish mom, living in Winnipeg with her three-year old son and one-year daughter launched a blog called Real Life For Mom. It was her way to connect with other parents, share her experiences in motherhood and reignite her love of writing. (Okay, I’m done with writing in the 3rd person.)

Of course I had to throw in a cute picture of the kids in November 2012.
Of course I had to throw in a cute picture of the kids in November 2012.

Today my blog goes by a different name but  it has continued to grow and flourish. For me it’s a labour of love, for real. I truly love what I do, sharing experiences, tips, recipes, family life with all of you.

Over the last four years, I’ve also delved deeper into the world of blogging and launched the South Asian Bloggers Network (SABN) with my friend and business parter Raj. I’m also excited to tell you that SABN is working on another side project which we are aiming to launch in early 2017. I can’t tell you what it is yet but it’s super exciting and I can’t wait to share with you all!

Blogging has truly changed where I saw my life going but in a wonderful way. It’s allowed me to pursue other creative outlets, meet amazing new people, delve into the online world and social media and best of all, it’s allowed me to work from home so I can can be around for the kids and still do something that’s meaningful and that I truly love.

It wouldn’t be possible without all of you who stop by, read my posts, comment and share so of course I have to say thank you.

One-year from now I will be celebrating a five-year blogiversary and I can’t wait to see what the next 365 days brings.

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  1. Happy belated blogoversary Salma. It feels really nice when you look back and see all that you have managed to do in such a short while. Congratulations on coming this far and good luck for all your future endeavors.

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