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I don’t usually walk into a store and think, “Uh oh, I’m in trouble.” But that’s exactly what happened when I strolled into Ella Shoes at their Metrotown location. The walls were literally covered in gorgeous, unique, hand-crafted European shoes and I wanted them all!

Ella Shoes Entrance 1

Of course, that is not realistic. I mean come on, this is no episode of Sex in the City. I started walking around because I had to look at all the beautiful shoes up close and personal.

I got to meet and talk with Jenny and Jorge, the wonderful couple and owners of Ella Shoes. Not only is there a beautiful (shoe related) story behind how they met, they are also very passionate about the shoes they sell and you can feel it when you talk to them. They want every shoe that a person walks out of the store with to be one that they love and that is perfect for their lifestyle.

Jenny explained to me how every shoe is hand-picked and tried on by them and crafted by European designers, many of them being one-of-a-kind! Supreme comfort is also a must for every single shoe.

For me, being a mom and being on the go a lot, I don’t wear shoes with a heel that often but I really would love too! So Jenny personally helped me pick out shoes that she thought would fit my life and my style as well as be something I could wear for ten hours straight and still feel comfortable on my feet.

Ella Shoes - my choices
I tried on so many amazing shoes, each more fabulous and more comfortable than the next! It was so hard to narrow down my choices and pick only one. I think it was probably the most time I’ve ever spent in a shoe store, but there was so much to look at and learn about. I loved hearing the story behind each shoe, the design, the color, it really was a unique shoe shopping experience.

But I knew I couldn’t monopolize them for the whole day so I finally made a decision. I ended up choosing the gorgeous soft, grey booties that I was smitten with the instant I saw them. And when I tried them on, it was honestly like walking on clouds. Now what mom doesn’t want to walk on clouds?

Ella Shoes pick

The moral of this story is that you really just need to go and check out Ella Shoes. Even though they are more expensive than what you would normally pay for a pair of shoes, it is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. And in this case, it’s unique style, high quality and major comfort factor.

Now that I’ve done the reveal, I can’t wait to walk around town showing of my fabulous new Ella Shoes. 

11 thoughts on “My Ella Shoes

  1. Wow, such great customer service and oh goodness those shoes! I just checked out their site too….wish I lived near them I would love to get some. How true to size were yours? I might consider ordering online if it’s pretty reliable for size.

    1. Hi Misty, Thank you for checking out the Ella website.

      Please private message me at with your US shoe size and the name of the shoe your interested in.

      Jenny and Jorge can help with fit, they know each label very-very well. Jenny is sample size and tries on every pair herself.

      Happy shoe-shopping! Ella.

  2. Ah, the love of shoes! What makes my heart beat fast, at this snowy time of year where I live in upstate New York, are boots with great tread, great looks, great comfort – and boots that are also waterproof. That’s a tall order. Hurray for a quality local store like Ella – we don’t have anything like this any more.

  3. That’s such amazing customer service, and I love those boots. I’m the same with wearing heels, except when I’m at my second job where I’m only in the heels for an hour or so.

  4. I love your store and the brands you carry are incredible. I wish you guys had more styles in size 38. I found 6 shoes that I loved and none of them come in my size. I signed up to be informed when they do come in, and I’m really hoping it’s soon. Also please add more photos to your website so I can shop online often instead of coming into Vancouver once a year for shoes.

    1. Thanks for your comments Laura and for signing up for the Ella Shoes e-newsletter! Now that you’re signed on you’ll be one of the first to receive info on any new styles we have in stock plus information on our exclusive sales.
      Have a wonderful holiday season, Ella.

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