New Clothes – “To Wear or Not To Wear” Them Right Away

I don’t hide the fact that I enjoy shopping, both online and in stores. However, I am what you would call a thrifty shopper. I rarely ever buy anything for full price because really, there is always a sale or a discount on the horizon, especially if you sign up for the store emails. It may be annoying to get so many emails for all your favourite stores, but it’s worth it because there is always some extra discount. 

New Clothes - To Wear or Not to Wear

But I digress. What this post is really about is what you do once you buy the clothes, whether they are on sale or not. Do you wear them the next day or do they stay hanging in your closet until the right moment comes along or there is a special event or occasion.

I would put myself in the first category. As soon as I get something new, I’m really excited to wear it and it is usually part of my outfit for the next day.

Then the other morning I was looking through my closet, picking something to wear for the day. I was going for the usual outfits I’m comfortable with and that I like, jeans, pants or a maxi skirt with a t-shirt or a tank, maybe even something layered.

Then I came across a few things that were hanging in my closet, with the tags still on them. I had bought them months before and I really liked them, but for some reason, I hadn’t worn them yet.

rocking the romper

I guess I was waiting for an event or an occasion to wear them, like a summer barbecue, a dinner with friends, a lunch out, something “special.” But why? I realized it was kind of an excuse. These clothes that were still unworn, were different from my usual, daily clothes. They were rompers, dresses, jumpsuits etc, things that were not part of my daily repertoire and I was not letting myself out of my clothing comfort zone.

So the next day I decided that there was no more waiting for a special day. Today was they day that I would rock that jumper! And the next day I would own the pantsuit! No need to wait to wait for a event. Everyday is an special day in our lives so I say, put on that new skirt or new shirt and own it! You bought because you like it, so wear it and love it.

How would you categorize yourself? Are you a wear it right away kind of gal or save it for an occasion person?

6 thoughts on “New Clothes – “To Wear or Not To Wear” Them Right Away

  1. It depends, sometimes i go shopping and buy more than one item of clothing for a certain occasion. However, I might wear it before if I needed it.

  2. For the most part I do wear new clothes right away, but I have been know to buy a special dress every once in a while and keep it hanging for a “special occasion”. I love having something new waiting in my closet for a special event, date night, or a dinner with friends. But just one or two pieces, more than that would be a problem!

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