OMG, I’m taking on the Mudderella Challenge!

A few years ago, if someone ever told me I would be voluntarily participated in a run and obstacle course while rolling around in mud, I would have told them they are crazy! Yet here I am, preparing to do exactly that with Mudderella! Let me back track a little. 


Deciding to do Mudderella

A while back, I received an email. It was the opportunity to participate in the Mudderella 2015 Challenge . At first I dismissed it right away. There was no way I was going to participate in a 5-7 mile course with up to 15 obstacles all in mud!

But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Why not? Why can’t I do this? I need to get out of my comfort zone and challenge my body. I started researching and found some valid points that made me think I could do this:
1. You are stronger than you think
2. There is more to life than the gym
3. You deserve an awesome experience
4. Have a fun bonding experience with your girlfriends

All of these rang so true to me and before I could change my mind, I signed up for Mudderella. I knew I would have to train more and get stronger to take on this physical challenge but I knew if I put my mind to it that I could do it!

Mudderella Team: Me, Sharon, Tiffany & Alana
Mudderella Team: Me, Sharon, Tiffany & Alana

Back to present day. I asked a few of my mom friends if they would be interested in joining my Mudderella team and I was able to round up a team of four with promises of massages and girl time after. We all got together for coffee to figure out a game plan on what we would do and how we would train.

Keep in mind, that between the 4 of us, we have nine kids ranging from 1-6 years. Before even getting to Mudderella, our real challenge would be finding a day each week where our schedules would coordinate, that our kids would all like each other and getting in a decent training workout. (I know, good luck with that right?)

Mudderella training with kids
What it looks like when we meet up with our kids in tow

We came up with a plan which included working out on our own and then training together once a week using the Mudderella training plan. All of us, except one, have never done this. We are pretty excited to be taking on the challenge and including our family in the journey of getting there.

I think it’s important for children to see their parents taking the time to exercise and be healthy to understand that it’s an important part of life. It also shows them that women (their moms) are strong and can accomplish whatever they set their minds too!

If all goes well, we are hoping to get our families to come up to Whistler on the day of the event on September 26 and watch their moms, conquer the obstacle course. And then of course we are going to get the hubbies to take the kids back home so we can enjoy some fun and relaxing girl time after our big victory!

If you’re looking for a challenge or want to do something different to amp up your fitness routine, this might be something you want to try out with your friends too! Here is a little video to show you what Mudderella is all about:

Now I need your help with one thing. We desperately need a group name. We would love for mom (or something similar) to be in the name but so far, nothing is working. Remember, we are four women, all with kids under the age of 6. We would love to hear any of your suggestions.

Wish us luck with the training and the race and I’ll be sure to post all the details after Mudderella!

*I am a part of an Influencer Campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation*

9 thoughts on “OMG, I’m taking on the Mudderella Challenge!

  1. Great idea. What about: Mummymud?
    I used to exercise with my three children daily during the school holidays, along with three other children who spent the time with us. They loved it–all together, exercising.

  2. wow, this is so awesome, a is like a blessing in disguise and in the open at the same time to part of this family like activity. How about Mud-champs-moms

  3. Wow! What a great idea?! I’m so happy that you are going out of your comfort zone and doing this with a bunch of mommy friends. I recently ran my first official 5K with my husband and it’s always fun to do something challenging with a buddy. Best of luck and can’t wait to read about your journey to the finish line! 🙂

  4. Thanks Reshma! And that’s so great that you guys just finished your first 5K. It sure it feels great to complete a challenge!

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