Our First Christmas Concert

Today I couldn’t stop smiling as my four-year old dressed up as a reindeer, marched on to the stage with the rest of his class, performed a short play and then sang a whole bunch of Christmas carols, with hand actions and everything! It was a proud moment, not only for me, but for all of us watching, even more so, because Keyan can be shy. But today he did it and not once did he put his shirt in his mouth as he often does in situations when he’s feeling uncomfortable.

Keyan had a big entourage: me, the hubs, Kyah, my mother-in-law, my mom and dad and my aunt. Everyone wanted to see Keyan in his big debut.

Grandparents at the Christmas Concert

When we got to the theatre, I took Keyan down to the green room for his hair and make-up (i.e. Reindeer nose and antlers.) Then I left him with his class to take my seat with everyone else in the theatre. There was so much excitement in the air with parents, grandparents, siblings and relatives of all kinds. Phone camera’s and video camera’s were set and ready for the kids to arrive!

Then it started, “Twas the night before Christmas…” Keyan entered with his group of reindeer to help Santa with his sleigh. It was very cute. Kyah was very excited when she saw her big brother all dressed up and she yelled (really loudly) “Keyan has a big bad wolf nose!”

Keyan's Christmas Concert

After the kids successfully finished the play, they sang a bunch of carols including ‘I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” and ‘Feliz Navidad.’

Then it was a visit from Santa, who wore cool red Nike’s by the way, and each child got a gift and candy cane. I was lucky that Kyah didn’t yell out “Santa’s not real!” like she’s been doing almost every time she sees someone wearing a Santa hat. Maybe me continually telling her not to ruin it for the other kids actually sunk in?

with Santa at Christmas concert

All in all, a great afternoon followed by juice and cookies. A wonderful time was had by all at Keyan’s first Christmas Concert.

Concert Family Photo

What is your favourite memory of your child’s first concert?



4 thoughts on “Our First Christmas Concert

  1. It looks like your son’s event was adorable. You must have felt so proud. I used to enjoy seeing my niece’s events until they moved to White Rock 7 years ago. Sadly I don’t see their concerts anymore. My four year olds will have their first concert soon. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Sounds like that was a very successful first play. No wonder you feel proud. You’ll have great memories for years to come too – I can remember my girls in plays very clearly. One time our daughter shot out of the room, minutes before she was due to speak. She’d gone to the bathroom – but made it back in time!

  3. Hahaha- I have to laugh at Kyah’s outbursts! ”Santa’s not real!”: that’s right out of a Saturday Night Live skit. Maybe she will have a career as a stand-up comic!
    Great job Keyan!

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