Our First Time Blueberry Picking

I’ve lived in BC most of my life. Except for a couple years in Niagra Falls where I was born and a six-year stopover in Winnipeg, where the kids were born, I’ve pretty much spent most of my life in Beautiful British Columbia (as the license plates say.)

We’ve done lots of the touristy things, made trips around the province and really appreciated what our province has to offer. But for some reason, we have never been blueberry picking!

I didn’t even realize that until this past weekend when a group of South Asian Bloggers made a trip down to Didar Berry Farm for a morning of picking blueberries. I mean BC Blueberries are very well known yet I’ve only every bought then from the store.

BC Blueberries
Photo Credit: Aziz Dhamani Photography

As good as they are when you buy them in a market, picking blueberries fresh off the bushes and eating them is a completely different experience!

The kids, my sister and I headed out in the morning, to Didar Berry Farm in Delta. We met up with the Pink Chai, Let Me Out, Happy Blurry Beautiful and Being Tazim families for a morning of BC blueberry picking.

Blueberry Picking - Didar Berry Farm
Photo Credit: Aziz Dhamani Photography

We chatted with family that owned the blueberry farm. They had a wonderful history of building the farm from scratch barren land to the amazing harvest they have today. They also talked to us about the three different kinds of blueberries they had for us to pick, (yes, there are different kinds of blueberries, who knew?!)

Blueberry - family picking

Blueberry picking - kids

The most fun we had was picking blueberries from the rows and rows of bushes and of course ahem…a little taste testing as we went along. Seriously, even the kids said that these were the sweetest blueberries they had ever tasted!

tasting BC Blueberries

tasting BC Blueberries
Photo Credit: Aziz Dhamani Photography

After we picked and filled our bucket with berries, we took some pictures to document our excursion with photographer extraordinaire, Aziz Dhamani.

Blueberry picking, group shot
Aziz Dhamani Photography

Then the kids all got to take a tractor trailer ride. Finally, we all headed home after our fun morning, snacking on our blueberries for the ride back into the city.

Blueberry tractor ride

If you are looking for something fun, healthy and tasty to do with your family, head out to your nearest blueberry farm and go pick your own delicious BC Blueberries. Totally worth it.

We’ve been enjoying our blueberries for the last week but the kids and I are now working on a yummy and simple snack recipe that we hope to share with you next week.

What’s your favorite way to eat blueberries?

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    1. You don’t want to take any chances. Hopefully he grows out of it as he gets older and then you’ll all be able to enjoy blueberries.

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