Pumpkin Decorating Fun!

A few days ago, we hosted a fall-themed craft party at our house. There were so many crafts we wanted to do, like apple stamping, autumn play dough making, pumpkin decorating and q-tip trees. But with almost 11 kids and their parents, we knew we had to keep things simple yet fun.

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So we decided to go with the pumpkin decorating. It was fitting because it was the day before Halloween. Also, here were no sharp utensils or gooey guts involved, but the kids still got to paint and get creative. We had stickers, jewels, paints, stencils, googly eyes, everything you need to decorate an awesome pumpkin.

Pumpkin decorating supplies

Pumkin decorating fun!

Pumpkin decorating party - painting

Every child used their own creativity and came up with unique ways to decorate. And I have to say, they all turned out great! 

Pumpkin party - finished

After the pumpkin decoration was finished and we ate some dinner, the kids had a dance party. Then it was on to a kid-friendly Halloween movie, Hotel Transylvania.

Kids in Zombie Movie Mode - Thanks for the photo Karla
Kids in Zombie Movie Mode – Thanks for the photo Karla

By the end of the night, we had some satisfied and tired kiddos. They all took their pumpkins and Halloween loot bags home after an evening of fun. 

A couple days later, I finally had a chance to look at the pictures we had taken and re-live the fun. I wanted to thank all the families for coming and making it such a fun get together and I wanted to share some of the pictures. I was able to do that together with the help of Evite. I made one of Evite’s custom thank you cards in which I was able to include a personal message and some of the photos!

Evite Thank You Card

It was so easy and I love that I was able to personalize it. And guess what, you can do the same. Right now, Evite is giving you 15 FREE Thank you cards that you can personalize and send to your guests. All you need to do at the end of creating your invitation is to put in the promo code SDTHANKYOU15. It’s super easy and your guests will appreciate it.

What’s the next get together you are planning? After all, Life is Better Togther, right?

“This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Evite. As always, all opinions are my own.”

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