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Do you find yourself changing your purses during the week? I find that happening often. If I’m with the kids than it’s a big purse (or a diaper bag if you have babies.) Then when I’m without them, I change purses because I only need a small bag and don’t want to lug around a big bag if I don’t have to. The challenge is finding an easy purse organizer so I don’t leave anything behind.

Even if I’m going to the gym, I also change purses because I need my bag that I has my towel and water bottle in it. Or if I’m going to work at the coffee shop, then I switch everything into my laptop bag, or go with two bags.

It can be a bit annoying to change purses, especially if essentials get left behind. If only I could tell you how many times I’ve been in the car, ready to drive the kids to school, but my keys are in my other bag. Or I’m out and I realize I’ve left my wallet at home in my other purse or I didn’t transfer over my chapstick when I was changing bags.

Easy Purse Organizer


An Easy Purse Organizer Solution

Well guess what? I found a super simple solution and seriously, this easy purse organizer has made changing purses a breeze

After enough times of things going wrong or things being left behind when you change purses, you know you need a solution. My solution; a clutch or make-up bag. Just one clutch that is big enough for your essentials and small enough to fit into all the bags you use.

For me the essentials are my wallet, keys, chapstick,small hair clip and phone. Now, all those things are ALWAYS in my clutch (minus the phone which I usually have on me.) So when it comes time to leave the house, I just grab the clutch that already has everything in it, put it in the purse I’m using that day and off I go. How’s that for an Easy Purse Organizer?!

Easy Purse Organizer
Clutch fits easily in my laptop bag too so I don’t have to carry a bag and a purse!

And if you want, when you’re heading out on a date night or something similar (and your clutch is cute,) you could just grab it, minus the purse and head out for the night.

It’s just one simple thing, but it’s made things a little be easier, and we can all use that right?

This particular clutch I got a long time ago from Old Navy for like $1.97, total steal! They have a couple cute ones online right now but you could get one from any department or accessories store. Heck, even a makeup bag from the dollar store would work too!

If you are craftier, you should try making this DIY Unicorn Pouch which would be perfect as a purse organizer as well.

Hopefully I’ve made your life just a little bit easier with this quick and fun hack for an easy purse organizer!

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  1. This technique is great. I finally am doing this with a little case that came with my big purse/bag. I heard someone call this the ‘dingy’ technique.

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