Race to the Edge with Netflix

How to Train Your Dragon was one of the first movies our kids saw. And since then, they were hooked. They wanted to read the books, they played with the toys and couldn’t wait for the second movie to come out!

Photo Source: Netflix.com
Photo Source: Netflix.com

You can imagine their excitement when I told them that them that Netflix was releasing Dragons: Race to the Edge, an original Netflix series where Hiccup, Toothless and the gang are going on an adventure beyond their home of Birk to find exciting new dragons.

Anytime the kids had a chance to watch a show, there was no debate as to which one they were going to see, Race to the Edge, hands down. It was even interesting for us parents to follow the adventure. It’s definitely a show that the whole family can enjoy together.

Race to the Edge

One day last week, we had a special delivery. It was a “To the Edge and Beyond” How to Train Your Dragon survival kit. And of course it led to choruses of wanting to watch the series all over again, this time with props. We got masks, dragon treats, a special sword, a map, a Race to the Edge blanket and a few other items. They were all set to watch the series again, this time in How to Train Your Dragon Style!

Has your family enjoyed watching the How to Train a Dragon movie and Race to the Edge series on Netflix?
And what is your favourite show or movie to watch as a family?

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3 thoughts on “Race to the Edge with Netflix

  1. My child raising years were before streaming. What we used to do was rent VHS tapes (I’m dating myself here, right?) of various Disney movies. When my son was older, we went through the entire James Bond series. The key, I think, to children’s movies are the producers putting bits in there that the children don’t quite get, but make the adults laugh. Looks like you are all having a good time.

  2. I haven’t watched it, but it looks fun and cute.
    Netflix is great. There’s something on there for everyone and they’ve really improved their film selection over the last year or so.

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