Romantic Staycation Ideas

Last month, the hubby and I had planned a little getaway, just the two of us. It’s one of the things we want to do at least once a year to help us stay connected in our marriage. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the trip didn’t work out. Since we already had a babysitter for the kids (sleepover at grandparents) and the hubby had taken time off work, we decided to have a Romantic Staycation instead!

We’ve only done a staycation with the kids before, so we weren’t sure how a romantic staycation would be. It actually ended up being so great! We had three days, just the two of us and even though we were at home, we still treated it like we were on a vacation and did some fun things. The only difference is that we didn’t have to pack or unpack, which was definitely a bonus!

I thought I would share some ideas in case you ever want to take a romantic staycation.

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

1. Dress up and go on a fancy dinner date
Make dinner reservations to somewhere fancy. With no kids around and no rush to be anywhere, you can actually take the time to get ready and dress up for each other, like you used too, when you were dating.  It’s a good start to a romantic staycation.

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

3. Try something new together
Let’s face it, real life is usually too busy for you and your partner to try something new right? Well a staycation is the perfect time to try. Take an art class together, go to a show, try a cooking class. All these are great ways to have fun together, explore with each other and reconnect.

2. Go for a Couples Massage
A massage is heaven, whether its a foot massage or a full body massage. Be in heaven together by booking a couples massage on your romantic staycation. You get to do something heavenly together, while incorporating in self-care, something that moms (and dads) often neglect.

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

4. Stay in bed and watch Netflix
Pick up your favourite fast food (with no little eyes to witness it). Then sit on your bed or couch together, in your sweats, and eat it while binge watching your favourite Netflix shows. It’s something we would never do when the kids are home so it was actually so nice to do this! And really, when would you do something like that except on vacation? We watched a Netflix Comedy Special and caught up on some of our favourite shows like Riverdale and This is Us.
(ps. You could also Netflix & Chill..wink-wink)

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

5. Workout together
This might sound odd, but if you both exercise, it’s probably usually separately. Try working out together on your romantic staycation. You can spot each other, push each other and get sweaty together 😉

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

6. Go to the movies
Go to that movie that you’ve been wanted to see for the longest time, that is not animated. Heck, go for a double feature and don’t forget the popcorn. After all, no one is at home waiting for you and you are on vacation, scratch that, staycation.

7. Work on a fun project
Do a small project together that you can finish during your staycation. On our romantic staycation, we made these really nice inspirational sayings on canvas for our bedroom, something we have never done before. You can also get started on an Anniversary Album (which we like to update every year,) or you can do a puzzle, make a scrapbook, the ideas are endless. Here is a Pinterest Board for Date Night Crafts and DIY’s.

7 Romantic Staycation Ideas

Those are some of my favourite romantic staycation ideas. Would you consider taking one?

I am a member of the the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a Netflix membership to help facilitate my posts. As always, all the opinions in this post are 100% my own. 

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