San Diego Vacation – Day 2

After a long day of travel yesterday and a very late bedtime, I expected (hoped) that the kids would sleep in. But no, they were up at 7:30am going on only 6 hours of sleep. It would be an interesting day because they usually get 10-12 hours a night.


Since it was our first day and the weather was quite warm, we decided to make it a beach day. We all got ready, headed out to eat some breakfast then took our printed directions (no wifi so no gps on our phone) and headed to the the public beach in Carlsbad. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect, the sand was soft and the waves were gently crashing against the beach. We had a blast making sandcastles, splashing in the waves, collecting shells and becoming sand mermaids. We ate a few snacks on the beach and then headed back home.

beach collage

The kids conked out on the car ride back. Once we reached the hotel, we all got a little catnap and woke up starving since we’d missed a real lunch. We headed to a restaurant close by, The Grill. The staff gave us a ride on their 6-seater golf cart which the kids really enjoyed. Since it was such a beautiful day, we opted to sit outside for dinner and we had the view of a beautiful golf green.

photo 1 (4)

After dinner, the shuttle brought us back to the hotel. We took a little walk around the grounds which were lovely. We were right on a lake, hence, the Lakehouse Hotel Resort. I just wish that we could see some of the beautiful view that’s available, from our room, but unfortunately, the only thing we can see outside our windows is the parking lot. Oh well.

photo 5 (3)We also stopped by the two lovely pools. Of course the kids wanted to go swimming right there and then! I let them put their feet in the water and splash around for 5 minutes but that was it because the I wanted them in bed early to catch up on their sleep so they were well rested for our adventure tomorrow at The San Diego Zoo!

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