San Diego Vacation – Day 4

On the fourth day of our family vacation to San Diego, we decided to stay close to home base. In the early morning I snuck in a quick workout at the gym near the golf course. I had a beautiful view on the walk over.

lake view

Then we had breakfast and headed to the dock at the lake for our 1-hour ride on an electric boat. Keyan and my in-laws a bit nervous about it at first, but everyone ended up having a great, relaxing time. The boat went at a leisurely pace (it didn’t go very fast) and we all took turns steering. We saw some beautiful homes on the water, some fishermen catching bass and some black swans, for real!

Boat ride

black swans

When our hour was up, we headed back to our rooms to change into our bathing suits and take our first dip into the hotel’s pools. The weather was perfect and we all had fun swimming, splashing and jumping into the pool. Everyone was starving we got out, so we ordered some pool service (my name for poolside room service) and enjoyed lunch on the recliners. Kyah especially found a liking to the special kid sized lounge chairs. Then the kids started saying they were tired (which never happens) so we took them inside for afternoon naps.

fun at the pool After everyone was refreshed, we headed to Boomers, an amusement park/arcade for kids that was included in our 5-day San Diego Go Card. Unfortunately, when we got there, we were told it was only valid at another location and by the time we would get there, it would be too late. The kids were a bit disappointed so instead, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese. It was my in-laws first time and we all played games and ended up having a lot of fun!! My favorite was the bowling, I remember playing it when I was a little kid.

chuck e cheese Collage

We all were feeling a little hungry by that time we finished using all our tokens, so we stopped for dinner and ended up having a really delicious Thai meal.

Soon it was time for bed so we would all be well rest for a fun-filled next day at SeaWorld San Diego!

3 thoughts on “San Diego Vacation – Day 4

  1. Nice pictures, kyah looks cute in her small chair with the umbrella. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

  2. It seems you are all having enjoyable boat ride & cute Miss Kyah looks cool in her lounge chair. Cookie knows how to enjoy.!

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