Shopping Challenge – Outfits for the Whole Family for Under $150

I don’t hide the fact that I enjoy shopping. Not just any kind though. I love a good deal! So when Coquitlam Centre invited me to participate in a shopping challenge, my answer was heck yes!

I was given $150 to spend at Coquitlam Centre during their Best-Dressed-For-Less Sale which is on now. I took on the challenge to dress my whole family for under $150. That would be me, my hubby, my five-year old son and three-year old daughter. Secretly I was actually hoping to do it for $100. Challenging? Yes. Doable? If anyone can, that would be me.

I started shopping on Friday. I made sure to visit a lot of different stores at the mall because of course I wanted to be thorough in finding the best prices and still have the fam looking fab! And here’s how I did:

1. My Look
I shopped around at a lot of the great stores at Coquitlam Centre and ended up with a fun outfit that I can wear together and mix and match with other pieces in my closet. Total = $32.97

#BDFL2015 My Outfit - clarity

#BDFL2015 My outfit

2. Hubby’s Outfit
This guy was the hardest to shop for. He is very selective about what he wears. We did eventually find an ensemble he liked but it did eat up a 1/3 of my budget for only two items!
Total = $42.95

#BDFL2015 Hubby's

3. Keyan’s Outfit
My five-year old was pretty easy to shop for. Give him a super hero shirt and a pair of jeans and he is happy. And I got both of these at a great price.
Total = $21.40

#BDFL2015 Son's clothes PM

#BDFL2015 Kid's outfits

4. Kyah’s Ensemble
My three-year old loves her clothes so her’s took a little bit longer to put together, but I ended up find a few great pieces that made the cutest outfit and she loved it! 
Total = $13.97

#BDFL2015 Kyah's Outfit PM

We tried to get a family photo of all of us in our new outfits and this is as close as we came.

#BDFL2015 Almost ready family photo
Almost Ready
Say Cheese :)
Say Cheese 🙂

So again, my challenge was to shop for all of us for under $150 and secretly I was hoping to do it for $100. The actual total that I spent was $111.29 (plus applicable taxes.) Not bad! And I’m sure I’ll be heading back to the sale before it’s over to spend the little bit that I have left.

The Best-Dressed-For-Less Sale is on now at Coquitlam Centre until Jan 18, 2015. You can check out their website for all the great deals that are happening now! You can also follow the #BDFL2015 on social media to keep track of the great deals and fashions.

*Disclosure: I am a part of Coquitlam Centre’s Best-Dressed-For-Less Blogger Campaign and received perks as part of the program. As always, all opinion in this post are mine.

15 thoughts on “Shopping Challenge – Outfits for the Whole Family for Under $150

  1. Love your sweater and how the clutch totally stands out against your outfit. Your whole family looks great – you really did well! You may want to consider doing some fashion consulting on the side 😉 Personal shopper, maybe?

  2. You know my eyes got stuck on your daughter’s outfit. That tee is just ~ $2 and it looks so fabulous on her. I think your post totally inspired me to do some budget shopping now. You all look super cute and stylish little family . Loved reading it.

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