Simple Quinoa Bowl with Veggie Ground

I’m still participating in my 21-day health challenge which includes a vegan meal plan. For this I need to be prepping lunches otherwise I get really hungry and just eat what is quick and handy.

One lunch that I really enjoy and can prepare ahead of time is a Simple Quinoa Bowl. It’s filling, healthy, relatively simple to make and the best part is you can make a big batch ahead of time and then separate it into 3-4 lunches for the week. I like to add  some veggie ground some as it’s a good vegan source of protein and it makes the bowl more filling!

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Simple Quinoa Bowl with Veggie Ground

– 1 cup of dry quinoa, cooked, which gives you about 3 cups prepared.
– 3 small or one large sweet potato, peeled and cubed
– 1 large green pepper, cut in squares
– 1/2 onion, diced
– one bag of veggie ground, I used Yves Veggie Ground Round
 taco seasoning (I used a homemade one)
– 3-4 tbsp of salsa
– avocado oil (or any oil you like to use)
– salt and pepper to taste

1. Cook your quinoa first. Here are instructions if you you’re unsure.

2. While your quinoa is cooking, you can get the sweet potatoes and green peppers going. If you like, you can roast them on a pan in the oven with some oil and salt. If you’re short on time, which I often am, I’ll quickly bake the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 3-4 mins. Then I put them and and the green peppers in a pan with oil, sprinkle them with salt and sauté until they get a little brown and soft.

3. Heat another pan, add a tbsp of oil and cook your onions for a couple of minutes. Then add in your veggie round ground and let it cook for a couple of minutes.  Add as much taco seasoning as you like as well as the salsa. Mix it around and let it cook for a few more minutes until every thing is combined and heated through.

4. Once everything is cooked, you can prepare your bowls. Equally divide everything into four sections. Add one serving of quinoa, one serving of veggie ground and one serving of vegetables to a bowl. Mix it together and enjoy. If you like, you can serve it with some avocado slices on top and even some sriracha for some spice.

Vegan Quinoa bowl

Separate everything else into containers with equals portions of each ingredient and you’ll have your lunch ready to go for the next few days. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Simple Quinoa Bowl with Veggie Ground

  1. This vegan quinoa bowls looks great. We are cleaning up our diet and consuming real and clean food now. This recipe would fit in to our new way of eating. I have never tried the ground round you are referring to. I will have to go out and look for it.

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