Snow Painting

There is a lot of fun to be had outside in the snow with the kids, sledding, making snowmen, snowballs and snow forts. Here’s one more activity to add to the list that you may not have thought about, snow painting!

All you need is a couple of small spray bottles, (you can pick them up at a dollar store) food coloring and water from the tap.

Fill up each spray bottle about 3/4 full of water and put in 15-20 drops of a different food coloring in each bottle. Shake well and you’re ready to head outside.

We all bundled up and headed out to a field near our place for a big, white canvas of snow to spray some paint.



And then just grab your spray bottles and have fun, turning the snow different colors of the rainbow. Once the kids get the idea, they won’t want to stop and it’s fun for the whole family!


We just randomly sprayed on the snow, and made some unique art but you can make some great pictures in the snow too. Our neighbours, Roxanne and James,who gave us the idea of snow painting, painted a triple scoop of ice cream and a flower in the snow, with their daughter Claire.

When you’re done, head back home and cozy up with the kids, a couple of books and some hot chocolate to warm up.

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