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Have you ever had an idea that just stewed in your head? An idea that you thought had the potential to really work? Well that is what happened in my life.

Raj & Salma SABN

Earlier this year, I was having a chat with my lovely friend Raj and we stumbled upon an idea without actually realizing it. Then a few months later we talked about it again and decided that we would bring the idea to fruition. It was something there was a need for and we knew we could help fill that need. So we started having lots of meetings via, phone, FaceTime and in person. We delegated tasks and got working. There were some delays, which happens in life.

Today we are very proud and excited to be launching the first ever South Asian Bloggers Network in North America. Our mission at SABN is to create a community that allows us to share culturally relevant content and connect bloggers with brands through authentic partnerships.

temp SABN logoWhat this means for Bloggers:
We understand that South Asian bloggers are an influential, untapped niche with stories and experiences that need to be shared. By joining SABN, these bloggers will have the opportunity to work with brands and companies, collaborate with their peers and grow their readership as well as their own personal brand.

What this means for Brands:
SABN will create a bridge between the South Asian Community and companies, brands and businesses. We can give them access to a highly targeted and engaged community that’s often overlooked and is very difficult to find through traditional means.

In addition to brand relationships, the South Asian Bloggers Network is a community platform designed to share and promote the stories written by our peers. We believe their words celebrate our community and play a vital role in preserving our culture.

We hope you are excited for us and will help us spread the word of SABN. You can support us by liking our page on Facebook where we will be sharing great posts, important information and just having lots of fun! You can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

Thanks so much for all your positivity and support and keep your fingers crossed for our new venture!


10 thoughts on “South Asian Bloggers Network

  1. Salma, this is awesome and so inspiring. There is nothing more inspiring for me than to see a woman go after an idea that has popped up in her head. Thank you for sharing this, I will love to see the progress you make!!

  2. Congratulations! Question: Is the primary focus of the group to allow for non-South Asian people to interact with South Asian people or is it to allow South Asian people to interact with each other? (Just clarifying 🙂 )

    It is always fun when a random thought actually becomes something solid 🙂

  3. Congratulations on such an awesome venture!! All the best and if you ever need any exposure, join my #IGNITEyourLife Facebook group and I’d love to help you promote it!

  4. Hi Salma,

    I really believe you are on to something here. You are a visionary and I believe you are going to look back on this years from now and say WOW! This can be huge. Congrats to you and your friend. Go for it!

  5. I love when there is a meeting of the minds that brings something very cool to fruition. Looking forward to seeing the outcome. Best of luck with your new endeavor!

  6. This is an awesome job you ladies are doing. Bless you. I was always looking for such network in Asia. Thank you. Just sign up and letting my bloggy friends know about this! 🙂

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