Summer Farmer’s Market Haul

If you follow my blog, you know that I love the Farmer’s Market. And what is not to love? You are supporting local businesses and farms by shopping local, you are reducing your carbon footprint by buying produce and goods that don’t have to travel from so far away to get to you and you’re getting delicious, organic, pesticide-free goods. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! This past Sunday, I visited the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market and filled my bag with lots of goodies, enjoyed the entertainment and also got to support some kid entrepreneurs in the process. 

Here is my latest Summer Farmer’s Market Haul:

Summer Farmers Market Haul

1. Lemonade – Of course my kids had their requests. My son asked for Kics Lemonade so I bought two flavours, the Original and the Mango Lemonade. I love that it started as a family recipe and that it uses only natural ingredients. Especially perfect on a summer day.

2. Kettle Corn – My daughter asked me to buy Cravings Kettle Corn. From the first time we tried it, we’ve been hooked! We never leave the market without a bag.

3. Local Organic Blueberries – We all love blueberries. But we love them even more when they are organic and pesticide-free. That means we can eat them right after we buy them and not have to worry!

4. Organic Carrots – The first time we bought organic carrots from the market, the disappeared so fast and they kids wanted me to buy more! For some reason, they are so sweet and super delicious!

5. Local Corn – And of course we picked up some local corn because what goes better with a summer meal than sweet corn on the cob.

6. Pao de queijo or Cheese Puffs – My husbands father lived in Brazil for a long time and could never say enough about these cheese puffs. I was really excited to try them at the market and they did not disappoint. They were so good and they are even gluten-free which is perfect for my hubby, so he can enjoy them too. 

There was also a Kids Market on Sunday where young entrepreneurs got to sell what they made and it was really great. I picked up a couple things from them as well.

kids farmers market

7. Bird Feeder – There were some great little handmade bird feeder’s in different shapes. I picked up one so the kids could hang it in the backyard.

8. Handmade Earrings – I also picked up a pair of rock earrings made buy a young lady. She was selling lots of great jewelry that she made but these particular earring really caught my eye so I had to have them!

What is your favourite thing to pick up at the farmer’s market?

6 thoughts on “Summer Farmer’s Market Haul

  1. I haven’t been able to get to my favorite farmer’s market since the beginning of July (out of town) but my favorite at this time of year is fresh, local sweet corn. Right now is farmer’s market peak – I hope I can somehow make it out next weekend. Your market sounds like a fun one – enjoy!

  2. Kettle corn – nostalgia! I remember driving through the Okanagan Valley one summer; my husband and I spotted someone making fresh kettle corn on the side. We had to stop and purchase a bag. Yum!

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