Teddy Bear Toast (Edible Crafting)

I grew up in Vancouver but spent the last six years in Winnipeg where both my children were born. Yes I went through some pretty rough winter’s but I also made some amazing friends. One of my really good friends, Roxanne, who was coincidentally my neighbour, played a really big role in our family’s life. We were sad to say goodbye to their family when we left. But we’ve stayed in touch and I’m really excited to introduce Roxanne and have her do her first guest blog post on The Write Balance. Here’s a little bit more about Roxanne:
After teaching for 6 years (my last position was as a Grade 4 French Immersion Teacher) and after the birth of our second child I decided to stay home full-time. I am loving what I call ”retiring while you’re still young enough to enjoy it!” I love waking up everyday, deciding what we will do and participating in many of the community preschool activities that are within walking distance from our condo in Winnipeg. I feel blessed to have time to enjoy my children at their very special ages as well as to be a part of a wonderful community.
Roxanne Family photo
Teddy-Bear Toast
This treat is both a healthy snack or (as we enjoyed) a filling breakfast.  Simple enough for my 3 1/2 year old and 17 month to make mostly on their own!
8 Simple Steps: 
Step 1: Get out your ingredients:
Teddy Bear toast ingredients
– bread (toasted if desired)
– peanut butter
– honey (optional: we use natural peanut butter which has no sugar added)
– banana
– raisins
Step 2: Peel your banana (or get your baby to do it!)
Teddy Bear Toast - 1
Step 3: Slice your banana (or get your preschooler to do it!)
spread peanut butter
Step 4:  Spread peanut butter (and optional honey) on toast
teddy bear toast - step slice bananas
Step 5: Place banana slices for ears and nose
place banana slices
Step 6: Add raisins (beware of raisin-snatchers who want to eat your whole stash before your bear is done!)
place the raisins
Step 7: Ta-dah!!! Your Teddy Bear Toast is done!
finished teddy bear toast
Teddy Bear Toast
Step 8: Enjoy!
Enjoying teddy bear toast
We will definitely be trying that next time we need a fun activity and snack. It’s a two in one deal! Thanks Roxanne.
If you’re a parent who would like to share a craft idea here, please send me an email at Salma@TheWriteBalance.ca.

10 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Toast (Edible Crafting)

  1. Such a cute and fun activity. Now my little one loves raisins but not bananas as much. This is a great way to get them to eat too! Thanks for sharing a great activity during snack time.

  2. Thanks for the sharing and creativity..It brought warm memories of activities of what I had done with my children..and at the present with my grandkids. My activities are around learn french as they are both in english school..trying to connect to the french community ..I found CREE..but would love to be with a group in the evening to create more oportunities. Does anyone have any suggestions..as I like to be able to have My granddaughter Nuna to join in as she speak the french language. Roxanne ,thank you for the sharing. C est tellement adorable.

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