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After two full-term pregnancies and a pair of awesome children, when I look back at my pre-baby body, I think about how nice it would be to have it back. I am amazed when I remember that back then I still wasn’t 100% happy with the way my body looked. Motherhood and the Mommy Body definitely has a way of putting things into perspective.

Before having kids, I like to think that I was a pretty healthy and active person. I would go to the gym 3-4 times a week and eat relatively well. But life after baby really changed things. I was so busy and tired, both mentally and physically, that exercising and worrying about what I ate just got pushed to the back burner.

Then as Keyan got older I started doing some 10 or 20 minute exercise video’s at home, the Wii Fit and walking. I never really got back into the gym because the timing didn’t seem to work and to be honest, I felt guilty leaving the house 3 or 4 times a week for a couple of hours to go to the gym.

One option I thought about was getting a personal trainer who could help me focus on my fitness goals and get them accomplished. But at that point in my life, I couldn’t justify the cost or time investment.

I eventually did it my way, slow and steady, trying lots of different exercise routines. Four years and another baby later, I made it back to my pre-baby weight and it felt great! But even though my weight was the same, my body wasn’t. I still don’t fit into most of my old clothes and I can’t get rid of my ‘muffin top.’ But I’m happy and I’ve made my peace with it. I focus on the things that I like on my new body, like my legs, my face and the fact that this body was responsible for two little miracles.

left: 1 year after baby number two and still 12lbs left to go
right: 2 years after baby number two and back to my original weight  

But just because I have reached my weight goal, it hasn’t stoppped me from still trying to be healthy and active and strive for more. I toyed again with the idea of trying out a personal trainer to help me get to the next level.

Then a little while back a friend of my husband got in touch with me. He was a partner in a new company called Virtually Fit and he wanted to know if I was interested in trying it out. I looked up the website and found out that they provide personal trainers online at a much lower cost than traditional personal trainers. There are a number of different programs to choose from like Custom Workouts which are specifically designed for your needs and Target Workouts.  The Target Workouts programs range from Weight Loss and New Mom Workout to Weekend Warrior and Intro to the Gym workout. Each program is put together by a Canadian Certified Personal Trainer and comes with a daily workout plan, specific instructions and even exercise video’s.

I was excited to try the virtual trainer experience and decided on the New Mom Workout. It was so great, I wished it had been around when I was a new mom. The workouts are laid out for each week.  They are short and can be done anywhere with internet and anytime, even while your kids are napping! You can even stop and pick up later if there is an interruption and there often is with children around. You definitely can’t do that with a real-life personal trainer!

There were some exercises I wasn’t sure about but the site had explanations and instructional videos that showed me everything I needed to know. Because of a recent knee injury, I wasn’t able to do all the exercises, but a trainer was always available to answer my questions for modifications.

All in all a great workout and great experience. I’m still doing level 3 and when my knee is better, I think I will try out the Custom Workout to get that one-on-one trainer experience with a plan just for my needs.

And Virtually Fit is so awesome that they are giving away one of it’s Target Workout Plans! It’s three months of personal training with the New Mommy Workout as well as a one-week nutrition plan for one of my lucky readers!

To enter, visit Virtually Fit and let me know in the comments below, which other workout program you would be most interested in trying besides the New Mommy Target Workout.

For additional entries, follow the directions in the Rafflecopter form below!

I’d also love to hear how you feel about your mommy body.

*All of the opinions expressed in this post are mine. I was not given any compensation to write this. Virtually Fit offered me a three-month trial of the New Mommy Workout so I was able to write a review.

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60 thoughts on “The Mommy Body

  1. I hate the gym looks like a manageable plan, and I like how there is different levels to choose from! The fact that you can continue after “new mom” and still be at home make sense!!!

    1. I think it would be great for you Carolyn, especially with a little baby. You could make it work around your schedule. It might be a good tension release from the stress of sleep training!

  2. You look great Salma! I know what you mean about being the same weight as pre pregnancy but clothes not looking the same…still coming to terms with my muffin top! hehe

  3. you look amazing :), this is so great , i would love to try it out. i am still 10lbs over my pre-pregnancy and this is a good opportunity to workout in the comfort of your own home 🙂

  4. “But I’m happy and I’ve made my peace with it. I focus on the things that I like on my new body, like my legs, my face and the fact that this body was responsible for two little miracles.”

    Love this! There’s so much pressure from the media for mothers to get back to their “pre-baby weight.” The fact is that these women have given BIRTH and are admirable just for that!! So I’m glad you are working out to be healthy and not to please other people. Congrats!

    1. Thank you so much Megan. There definitely is a lot of pressure in the media, especially when you see celebrities back to their pre-baby weight so quickly. You’re right, it’s not realistic.

  5. you look GREAT Salma! seriously, i thought you were one of those people that just bounced back like it was nothing! hehe i think i have 7 more pounds to go…a stubborn last 7lbs! i like to think it’s all muscle from baby wearing/carrying but alas my old clothes don’t fit…or at least, my upper body is getting a workout not the parts that need to fit into jeans!

    1. I wish I were one of those people that bounced back Mitzi, but alas it’s been a lot of hard work and it’s taken me four years! You look pretty fit to me, I think Max is definitely giving you a good workout.

  6. My favorite line in this post was when you said that your body was responsible for two little miracles. Pregnancy does change our bodies, but Instead of being sad about that we should celebrate the miracles we are given. Good for you!

  7. I’ve had 4 kids in my lifetime and my body these days reflects it 🙁 The Personal Trainer workouts would be the one I’d choose. Great giveaway and great timing for me 🙂

    1. Congratulations on four kids, what a strong mama you are! You must be so busy that it’s probably hard to get time for yourself, let alone have time to workout. I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you in your own time.

  8. Good for you to get back in shape! It’s always a good idea to exercise but you are right – our body did amazing things, created our precious kids, and a few extra pounds are really not the end of the world.

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar’s Home

  9. This programme looks like a great idea for mums of young children because, as we know, it’s hard to get out to the gym. Almost impossible for some. I like the sound of the Custom programme!

  10. You look really in shape! I’m going back to my pre-pregnancy weight me too… but my little girl is 4… and a half … no hurry for me LOL
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  11. I want to try the weight loss plan. My daughter is 14 months and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body isn’t back where I want it! You look great, nice work!

  12. I’ve visited the virtual fit website. I would be most interested in the target workout because just like you after having my third child I find it difficult to get rid of my muffin top. I have tried ab and core workouts that just doesn’t’ seem to work, mainly because of not being consistent. In this case, it would be helpful to have a personal trainer. I think I may also have to cut back on the amount of carbs that I consume. Most importantly, I want my rock hard abs back so the targeted workout is what I would go for.

    1. Hi Carolina,
      I think you’re right about being consistent and watching the food we eat. But both of those things are so hard when your main focus is taking care of the kids. Good luck with it!

  13. This is so great! You look wonderful 🙂 I would love to try a personal trainer weight loss plan, my little guy is 4 months old and I still have a stubborn 12 pounds to lose!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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