The Water Hole

This week, the Keyan and Kyah both loved the same library book, ‘The Water Hole,” by Graeme Base.

This book was recommended by a fellow mommy blogger, Renata of keeping the me in mommy and it’s an amazing book.

After we did our weekly trip to the library, we came home and had a snack. Then we sat down to read some of the books we borrowed. When we got to ‘The Water Hole,” both kid’s were enamoured. I don’t know if it was the beautiful artwork, the simple words or the the fun sounds, but the they both asked me to read it multiple times until we had to stop for nap time.

Keyan and Kyah are two years apart, 4 years and 2 years and yet this book appealed to both of them. You should definitely check it out next time you hit the local library.

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